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Someone is terribly distracted, so when on Tuesday she approached the cinema ready to show her legal age card to see ‘Those Who Stay’, she was disappointed when she found out that the two euros for old people had expired in how much the vapors of the elections passed. Well, it didn’t last long! -and above all- How little publicity, they used all the television stations to announce it and now I have to find out when it comes to paying! The kind cashier nodded, but it was of no use, just as now Sánchez doesn’t care that the Central Electoral Board opens a file on him for his electioneering ads in the middle of the Galician campaign, you know, investments and those trifles.

In a display of innocence, the Electoral Board considers that the person accused should know the relevance of the duty of neutrality inherent to the very high authority that he holds and that he must maintain especially during the electoral process, especially since he has already been sanctioned on two occasions. Due to similar events, one begins to laugh weakly.

The aforementioned body fulfills its duty, although it is a mystery what such a clear reprimand is for, because the president doesn’t give a damn about what happens to him as long as he achieves his objective. In the general elections he achieved it, so although he did not win, he was able to govern, or whatever he is doing, and in the Galician elections, apparently, he is content with the nationalists winning and needing them to form a government, and that He is dedicating all his efforts to see if they finally throw the PP out of the Galician government, since they already know that everything is fine for him as long as the right does not govern.

The problem in campaigns is not so much what is promised as what one remains silent about. If the man had clearly explained the extent to which he was capable of going back in order to retain power, perhaps the result would have been different. At least, the leader of Democracia Ourensana has the courage to clarify it before the votes: We will make a pact with the devil! Whatever it means.

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