Prosecutor’s Office, against investigating the Government delegate for the use of gases in Ferraz as it did not see “minimal indication” of a crime

The Prosecutor’s Office has requested the Investigative judge number 49 of Madrid he dismissal of open proceedings against him Government delegate in Madrid, Francisco Martín, and the police commanders responsible for the actions against the protests on Ferraz Street. The judge initiated proceedings following a complaint filed by Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory Raíces for the use of tear gas against protesters on November 6.

In response to the request of the judge Josefa Bustos, The Prosecutor’s Office argues that the investigation should be dismissed by not providing the complaint “a slight hint of evidence” of the commission of the crimes that this association pointed out by Martín or those responsible for the police, as tax sources have informed El Periódico de España, from the Grupo Prensa Ibérica. They were accused of crimes of unlawful dissolution of a peaceful assemblyadministrative prevarication and crime of injuries and crime of torture and against moral integrity.

Initially, by not considering the nature or circumstances under which the reported events could have occurred, nor the people who intervened, the judge considered it appropriate to “agree to initiate Preliminary and Proceedings.” practice those essential” to clarify these points. The aim was to identify those responsible who executed the orders that gave rise to the reported events.

During the day of November 6 with about 3,800 people in the protest, The agents of the Police Intervention Unit had to intervene, launching tear gas, rubber balls and smoke canisters, starting a charge against the protesters that spread around Ferraz.

In a statement, Raíces highlighted that “plainclothes police members brandished extendable steel bars with which they They beat the citizens of the demonstrationdespite the fact that the applicable regulations prohibit it, as well as the fact that the UIP shot rubber balls in the face, beat them in the neighborhood alleys and proceeded to commit all types of police abuses.

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