Real Madrid-Girona: Vinicius and Bellingham seize Míchel’s tractor

Real Madrid is a team designed for big nights. And this match against Girona had the aroma of a Champions League match, one of those duels with vertigo, without a net, in which there are something more at stake than the result. Added to all this was that Ancelotti’s men had a bold team in front of them, one of those that proposes with the ball at their feet even at the risk of uncovering behind. The victim encourages a Madrid that ended up scoring to Míchel’s men with a destabilizing Vinicius and a decisive Bellingham that leaves the League on track for the whites, who accumulate five points ahead of their pursuer. And that speaking of a team, Carletto’s, that has only lost one game in 23 rounds, is too much of an advantage.

Carlo Ancelotti had spoken all week with enormous respect about Girona and its players. The exhibition of Míchel’s team in Montjuic was a good alibi for this, also warning that, to this day, the whites are the only team that has beaten Míchel’s team in Montilivi. So the Madridistas had their ears pricked up.

Carvajal and Tchouameni, as center backs

And that was reflected on the blackboard, where The whites tried to cover themselves behind with a duo in the circumstantial defensive axis with Carvajal and Tchouameni. Carletto and Míchel have in common that they solve problems, instead of airing them, and that is being grateful. That seriousness and respect for Girona materialized after five minutes, when Vinicius received a ball on the left and after cutting inwards, instead of continuing to spiral, he hit it with three fingers, catching the ball with a curve that ended up stuck in the Girona nets. The Madrid hammer appeared again in a top-level combat.

The ball ran nervously through the feet of the ‘gironis’, but half an hour into the game Lunin had no work. Ancelotti kept the game where he wanted, without exposing himself behind and choosing his arrivals well to generate enough uncertainty to keep Girona in fear. less cheerful than usual. Rodrygo’s mobility up top and Camavinga’s dynamism in the middle, appearing in the area despite being the midfielder, confused some visitors.

Bellingham double

Real Madrid has signed an agreement so that NFL matches will be played at the Bernabéu in 2025, but it has been operating on its grass for a long time. quarterback Kroos, who always imposes the necessary match tempo and vents, generating an advantage for his teammates. After half an hour, Girona once again showed its impatience and became disorderly, which Madrid took advantage of to deploy a counterattack in which Bellingham appeared to surgically finish the play. Madrid had thrown two blows and twice they had sent Girona to the canvas, for which the game had once again turned into a ball against Ancelotti’s team.

And the feeling of seeing how Tyson fought a light heavyweight increased ten minutes into the second half when Vinicius, once again Vinicius, portrayed Yan Couto and finished his play with a poisoned cross that Gazzaniga touched and the ball remained dead in the small area, where Bellingham appeared to push the third. The goal closed the game, sentenced the clash and turned the League white, opening the gap with a Girona that is five points behind Ancelotti’s team.

Carletto removed Jude due to an annoyance, putting Brahim in, which restored electricity to the whites, who just six minutes later They rounded off the win with another counterattack that exposed the Catalans’ defensive deficiencies and allowed Rodrygo to join the party. The white storm put an end to Girona’s dream of continuing to fight for a League title that is not their company and that does not, in any way, stain a brilliant season that could open the door to the Champions League next season. Joselu wasted a penalty on Arda Güler with the game already decided.

Girona, the top scorer in the League until this match, saw how the white attack hit Míchel’s tractor, who was watching the match from a cabin in the upper part of the Bernabéu. The poster a Girona sponsor put up these days in Madrid read: “When the resume is not everything.” They do well gyronis in challenging the establishment football, as they demonstrated in Montjuic. But At the Bernabéu it was clear that they still have a long way to go to be familiar with a Real Madrid that licks its lips when it sees its rival crushing games with the ball at its feet. There he takes out his fang and shows that there are few teams in the world with their counter punch. None of them in Spain. That is why they are going to win this League in which they are so strong that they beat Míchel’s team with Carvajal and Tchouameni in defense.

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