Sara Baras: “I’m getting older, but I’m getting stronger”

The magnetic dancer from Cádiz Sara Baras (San Fernando, 1971) returns to Catalonia with ‘Vuela’, a tribute to the universal guitarist Paco de Lucia with which commemorates the 25th anniversary of your company. In her new creation, the dancer and choreographer revives the spirit of the flamenco maestro of the guitar player through dance and music. Successfully premiered at the Teatro Real in Madrid and next Saturday it stops at the Auditori de Girona in the first stop of a tour that will arrive at the Liceu on March 20, where there are no more tickets left, and at the Teatro Coliseum in autumn (from October 23 to November 10).

What is ‘Fly’ like?

It is a tribute to the great teacher Paco de Lucía. It is full of details and is technically one of the most difficult I have ever done. I am super proud of always going a little further to grow and evolve. In this new show I wanted to immerse myself in the most emotional part, something that is achieved by weaving everything very well, the dance, the music and the dramaturgy. Everything is very careful.

Do you listen to many works by Paco de Lucía?

The guitar player who accompanies me, Keko Valdemoro, the musical director of the company who is magnificent, has designed a soundtrack that goes in and out highlighting notable moments in the maestro’s works. The music, the lights, the costumes all add up and go in the same direction, trying to convey the concepts of the show as much as possible, which approaches the maestro in four very different acts. The first focused on the roots, the second on the sea, the third on death and the last is flying, which bids farewell to the show inviting celebration and joy.

How was your relationship with Paco de Lucía?

I am part of the Foundation Paco de Lucia and I know his family. For me he is a reference. I was lucky to meet him and follow his advice. At first, when I was younger, I had so much respect for him that I didn’t even dare to talk to him, but then I got over it and I was able to see that his personal qualities were as great as his professional ones. His art and his music go far beyond flamenco. And I think that now, 10 years after his death, it was time for him to pay this tribute.

And 25 years of company are not celebrated every day either. What is the secret to staying healthy?

It’s not easy at all. We have gotten here because we have worked non-stop all these years because this is a private company. From the beginning it has been maintained thanks to the public whom I will never be able to thank enough for their support. Without them I couldn’t continue dreaming. We have done 13 shows and more than 4,000 performances and we have traveled halfway around the world. And always without letting your guard down!

It has also given wings to new talents: Israel Fernández, one of its singers, has become a star.

Isra is succeeding everywhere and I am happy for him. We maintain a beautiful relationship and we continue to share things because we are both run by the same RLM agency. In ‘Vuela’ I am accompanied by two singers: May Fernández, who I’m sure will also give a lot to talk about, and ‘El Mati’ (Matías López), a Catalan singer with a beastly level who has entered Isra’s place. The company is a showcase of high-quality artists, both in music and dance, who can fly solo.

And in 25 years there are many people who have been part of this adventure.

There are many people who have been through the company and the best thing is that all of us who are in it want to continue learning, to do a job well done. For that you have to work hard, but respecting each person because without that you can’t grow, or give your best, or leave your soul on stage. The team I have, people with whom I share the same values, is essential to continue climbing and taking risks. We are very lucky.

What are you most proud of?

It’s very exciting to look back and see that you have your own label. I would also highlight the supportive part of the company that also teaches us and helps us grow. But I feel there is still a long way to go.

Returning to ‘Fly’. What is the most innovative?

Of the 15 numbers I make 10. It’s beastly! I’m getting older, but I’m getting stronger. I thought maturity would be different, but I’m very strong so I take advantage of it. The public will be surprised at the level we have climbed with this show.

And there is everything: zapateado, minera, tiento, saeta, copla, fandango, bulería, seguirilla… You will be in shape.

My personal trainer gives me a lot of hard work. With him you don’t let your guard down, you have to give 100%. And it’s better this way because we have 100 performances planned on this tour in Spain and then we expect to perform abroad.

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