Seventh day of farmers’ protests: this is the schedule for the week

An intense week of mobilizations of farmers and ranchers begins in Spain, who were recently the transporters have joined them. The main farmers associations in Spain (Asaja, UPA and COAG) plan to resume their tractor units this Monday to defend the Spanish countryside, with the focus on Madrid. In what is already the seventh day of mobilizations, it will leave the capital at 9 in the morning, specifically from Title, a tractor unit that will travel along the M-404 highway and go to Torrejón de Velasco, and then return. They will also mobilize in Alicante. From there, the calendar can change: today the 6F platform plans to clarify the direction of their mobilizations.

But the tractor units of this Monday will not, predictably, be the only actions carried out by farmers. Strikes are expected on Tuesday in La Rioja and Zaragoza, the city where the International Agricultural Machinery Fair is being held, to which farmers have assured to give their full support, despite the protests. In Catalonia there will also be protests in Mercabarna, Port of Tarragona and on the N-2 near Figueres.

In addition, “acts of protest” have been announced that will begin with a first protest action before the Mercamadrid facilities on Wednesday. That same day Asaja, COAG and UPA have called for mobilizations in up to seven provinces (Toledo, Guadalajara, Jaén, Seville, Palencia, Soria). For its part, Unión de Uniones maintains its calendar of protests in Spain and the great drive to reach Madrid scheduled for Wednesday, February 21.

Protests are expected on Thursday Port of Castellón and, for Friday, in Cantabria. After the weekend, the tractor units will take their steps Murcia and Algeciras, where they will arrive on Wednesday, February 21. On the 22nd, strikes are expected in Aragon, Cadiz and Port of Valencia. On the 23rd, in Lion. And on the 27th, in Cordova. For the month of March, for now, only one protest is confirmed in the Port of Algeciras.

Transporters unite

This weekend, farmers have momentarily taken a backseat and have been Platform 6F and the Platform for the Defense of the Transportation Sector, which launched what is known as indefinite national strike, which aims to stop all activity of road transporters. The rally began this Saturday in the vicinity of the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, and about 200 people participated. On Sunday, outages were recorded in Burgos, Seville, Teruel, Toledo and Zaragoza.

However, agricultural organizations demand immediate solutions from the central Executive to address rural problems related to the consequences of the drought and the war in Ukraine.prices and production costs, the simplification and flexibility of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the European Unionas well as labor and Social Security issues.

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