Silvia was murdered by her eldest son after an argument

Silvia López Gayubas was murdered in her home in Castro Urdiales (Cantabria), after arguing with her eldest son, John. Her little brother was present. According to what the minors have declared before the Civil Guard, they suffered abuse from their mother. The woman was stabbed several times. A deadly one on her neck, made with a sharp object that has not been found.

Investigators are trying to reconstruct the events while the adolescents have been admitted to protection centers, in a closed regime. Everything indicates that the boys put a bag over her mother’s head because she was losing a lot of blood. They tied his hands with zip ties. They tried to clean up the crime scene and flee in the car, but they ended up crashing into a wall.

Investigators estimate that the events occurred between five and seven in the afternoon. The alleged perpetrators hid in a wooded area and threw away the mobile phone.

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