Solidarity| Prolibertas celebrates its national volunteer meeting in Córdoba

Prolibertas celebrates the 17th edition of its National Meeting of the Foundation’s Volunteering. Around 80 Prolibertas volunteers coming from delegations from Madrid, Valdepeñas, Seville, Antequera, Algeciras and San Fernando have met in Cordova. At this event, volunteers and technicians experience a day of coexistence and training. “With your work you are doing something to make this society more fair and supportive,” commented the general director of Prolibertas, Antonio Jiménez.

“If it weren’t for them, much of the work we do would be impossible, with their testimony, with what they are experiencing here, then they go out and see their family, friends, work, and help to transmit the image of a more supportive society”. This is what Jiménez stated during this meeting whose motto was: Let’s take care of the common home, in reference to the last encyclical of the Pope Francisco where it refers to the care of planet Earth (the common home of all people). To address this issue, the writer, university professor and climate emergency expert, José Esquinas Alcazar.

“Being around them makes me happy”

Maite Sarrasin from Córdoba has been volunteering for 19 years. Throughout this time she has been able to experience different social situations, “the nice thing is to see that there are people who have had a very precarious situation, and As the years have passed, his life has improved a lot.“. Furthermore, carrying out these types of actions also have an impact on the personal lives of the volunteers: “It gives you a lot, helps you value what is in society, to be aware of the social reality that we live in, that we have our house, our things, but there are people who need help for it. “For me, being able to be close to them and help them makes me happy.”


Different volunteer services are provided from Córdoba, depending on the basic needs of users such as food, housing, hygiene, health, emotional and social ties. The care program for people who are homeless or at risk of social exclusion focuses its actions on those people who are at risk of poverty, with the aim of improving the quality of life of people who suffer social exclusion. From the Trinitarios soup kitchen and the Casa Libertad social center social care activities and coverage of basic needs related to the food, hygiene, wardrobe, storage, pharmacy, microloans, as well as individualized intervention activities based on promotion and job placement.

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