Super Bowl 2024: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s super kiss, Beyoncé’s announcement and other moments from the NFL final

as it was sung, Taylor Swift She traveled against the clock to get to Las Vegas in time to see her boyfriend play the superbowl after four consecutive shows at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. After flying almost 9,000 kilometers, he arrived in time to support his partner and figure of the Kansas City Chiefs, the team that, for the second consecutive year – and for the third time in five years – has won the Super Bowl, by defeating the San Francisco 49ers in overtime.

The latest Grammy winner for ‘Midnights’, 34, arrived at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas accompanied by her mother Andrea Swiftand her friends, the actress Blake Livelythe rapper Ice Spice and the stylist Ashley Avignoneamong other.

Swift chose a very sober and elegant ‘look’, composed of an all-black suit, with a Dion Lee crochet corset, jeans with crystal openings, boots with a red 87, and a red jacket, on his shoulders from Erin Andrews’ signature Wear, with the Chiefs logo and a 60 on the back, the number of the year the team was founded. She completed her look with a necklace with number 87, with which Kelce plays, and a personalized bag with the same number, by Judith Leiber. She combed her hair with a high ponytail and her classic red lipstickhouse brand.

Then, the pop superstar settled into the luxury box, also accompanied by singer Lana Del Rey and her partner’s family.

No nails

Throughout the entire match, Swift vibrated, danced, got excited and bit her nails until the Chiefs scored the winning touchdown with three seconds remaining in overtime.

That’s when Swift ran onto the grass to passionately kiss and hug Kelce, the most anticipated moment for American football and music lovers. Although finally there was no hand request on the field of playthe couple offered a most romantic show, just as they have done in the 12 previous matches since last Septemberdate from which the singer began attending her boyfriend’s soccer matches.

“On the top of the world”

“It was incredible. One of the craziest things I’ve ever experienced,” Swift told her victorious boyfriend after giving him a kiss and a long hug.

I feel “on top of the world right now. It’s a good feeling,” Kelce later summarized before the media.

Celebrities on the video scoreboard

But there were also a lot of scenes to remember during the game. Many, captured by the video scoreboard. For example, when Swift and Brittany Mahomes, Patrick Mahomes’ wifeKelce’s teammate and Chiefs quarterback, they marked themselves a ‘hidalgo’that is, they drank a beer in one gulp.

The cameras also captured other celebrities who did not miss the meeting, such as King’s wool, Lady GagaKendall Jenner, Leonardo Di Caprio, Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, Luis Fonsi, Elon Musk, Jared Leto, Gordon Ramsay, Lana del Rey, Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, Paul McCartney, Paul Rudd and his son Jack Sullivan, fat joe

Beyoncé, new album

Beyonce He also captured much of the attention during commercial breaks, since, in a Verizon ad, he took the opportunity to reveal that the ‘Act II’ will be released on March 29a new album inspired by country music.

Movies and spots

As is tradition in superbowlHollywood studios took advantage of the event to launch some of their most anticipated trailers. On this occasion, previews of films such as ‘Wicked’, ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’, ‘Twisters’ and ‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ were seen.

Stars from the entertainment world were also seen collaborating in advertisements with a comic or directly self-parody tone. For example, they appeared Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (with a stellar appearance by Matt Damon and Tom Brady) in a fun Dunkin’ Donuts ‘spot’; Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer remembering their times on ‘Friends’ in an Uber Eats ad in which they also appeared David and Victoria Beckhameither Arnold Schwarzenegger laughing at his accent when speaking English in a State Farm insurance commercial.

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