The Prosecutor’s Office requests the transfer to Spain of an Afghan prosecutor who imprisoned an Islamist leader who is now free to give him protection

Protection for Afghan prosecutorsespecially women, who are now persecuted by the same jihadists against whom they acted and are today free thanks to the Taliban regime. The Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court has interested the Contentious Chamber of this body that the transfer to Spain is agreed of one of them so that I can obtain international protection.

The situation of this prosecutor is very similar to that of the 27 Afghan prosecutors and judges who were surviving precariously in the capital of Pakistan since the fall of Kabul and managed to arrive in our country a little over a year ago. Thus they avoided an almost certain death in the case of being deported to their country of origin. A risk that was closer with each passing day, since its residence permits Pakistan They were expired.

The prosecutor in whom the Spanish Prosecutor’s Office has now become interested, who was assigned to the fight against terrorism in the Republic of Afghanistan, is in a similar situation. In the exercise of his duties, he participated directly in relevant cases, among others, in the investigation and accusation of the then leader of the Islamic State in Afghanistan.

Her husband, a lawyer by profession, died in a suicide attack in the Kabul courts, leaving her a widow with a child who was only a few months old, according to the Public ministry Spanish. When the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, they released all the imprisoned criminals, including the terrorists they had accused.

In view of the situation and the serious danger to his life, he fled to Pakistan with his son, who was then 5 years old, and his younger sister; meeting pending deportation to Afghanistan, where the latter has already been sent with unknown whereabouts.

Performance of the Supreme Court

The actions to protect Afghan citizens have also been echoed by other Spanish judicial bodies. Last week, the Supreme Court interested in the urgent transfer to Spain of eight Afghan citizens – relatives of a collaborator of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation in Afghanistan – so that they can present a request for international protection, while emphasizing that They should have been transferred in 2021 when the Foreign Office protected them with a safe passage for being persecuted by the Taliban regime.

“The appealed Administration assumes and recognizes the serious danger to his life. The safe conduct certifies that the public interest consists in these people being transferred to our country so that they can request the protection of the Government of Spain. Despite the time that has passed, the appealed Administration cannot now disassociate itself from its own act,” the high court magistrates noted in their resolution.

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