The PSOE criticizes the lack of public lighting in Cañero in Córdoba

The socialist spokesperson in the Córdoba City Council, Antonio Hurtadohas criticized that the local government “is allowing the residents of Cañero have to illuminate the portals of their houses in a particular way, due to the lack of Street lighting due to municipal neglect, since they feel insecure and many accidents are caused in elderly people“by the darkness of its streets.

In a statement, he recalled that public lighting is a municipal responsibility, which the City Council is obliged to provide with its own resources. However, in Cordova It is the case that “in the face of municipal neglect” the residents of Cañero are taking lanterns and light points out of their homes to illuminate the access through the darkness of its streets.

A Cañero home, illuminated with particular light. CORDOVA

“The causes are diverse -according to Hurtado-, from lack of streetlights in some places, to old streetlights attached to the wall that do not give light because They are covered by the orange trees in the streets, which to make matters worse could not be pruned. for a long time and they have bigger branches every day that trap the old streetlights.

Neighbors take action

Specifically, Hurtado, who has met with the residents of the area, mentions three streets in Cañero where the lack of light has caused the neighbors to take measures on their own, such as Painter Muñoz Lucena, Civil Servant Lázaro Navajas and Writer Jiménez Lora.

For Hurtado, “it is unfair that some residents of the Cañero neighborhood who pay their taxes and who have the right to the basic services of the City Council, such as public lighting, have to take out their light bulbs and lanterns at the doors of their houses and use their cell phone flashlights to be able to navigate their streets, in the face of the terrible state of public lighting, in many cases non-existent; streets that are veritable wolf dens, dangerous and unsafe for older people to navigate.”

Demands “urgent” action

The socialist has stated that he feels surprised by this reality and feels “ashamed as a councilor that this is happening in Córdoba”, which is why has demanded urgent action from the Infrastructure area to put an end to this unfortunate situation.

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