The US Supreme Court, willing to support Trump in the face of attempts to exclude him from the elections

The Supreme Court of the United States implied this Thursday in its first oral hearing that is willing to support the former US president donald trump to defend against attempts by exclude him from the primaries facing the presidential elections by considering him not an eligible candidate due to his role in the assault on the Capitol.

During nearly two hours of arguments, Chief Justice John Roberts and the high court judges peppered the party seeking to impeach Trump with questions. questions that suggested a position on the side of the former presidentwithout addressing the question of whether he participated in an insurrection or rebellion and, therefore, whether he has violated the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution.

Justices have questioned whether the ban is intended to apply to former presidents (as Trump’s legal team claims he is not subject to this amendment because it is not detailed in the Constitution), have held that the elimination of a candidate by a The court could no longer be democratic, and they have predicted that states will eventually try to eliminate other candidates. They have also pointed to the fact that Trump has not been convicted of insurrection.

It is worth mentioning that the Constitution states that “no person may be a senator or representative in Congress, nor an elector of the president and vice president of the USAor hold positions, civil or military” if he has taken the oath of the Constitution and has subsequently participated in an insurrection or rebellion both actively and as a “help” to its participants.

Several of the judges have expressed concern about the decision of the Colorado Supreme Court, which In December he excluded the former president relying on said amendment and ensuring that there is “substantial evidence” that the attack on January 6, 2021 was an insurrection in which Trump “engaged” and that “incited the crowd.”

After the hearing, Trump held a press conference from his mansion in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, and praised his Supreme Court lawyer’s arguments, indicating that he hopes they will be “well received.” The former president has stated that the case is “more electoral interference by the democrats”. “A very important argument is the fact that I am leading all the races. I am the most voted in all the states. I’m leading against Republicans, Democrats (and President Joe) Biden. “I’m leading the country by a lot and you can’t take the person who’s ahead everywhere and say ‘hey, we’re not going to let you run,'” he said.

Several Trump allies have also expressed their support for the former president, arguing that the Colorado effort was fundamentally undemocratic, reports the American newspaper ‘The Hill’. The Colorado decision, which is on hold, applies only to that state, but would affect the presidential campaign in which Trump is the favorite of the Republican Party despite the different court dates he has scheduled. The state of Maine also joined this decision, although others such as Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota rejected this position.

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