The weather in Palma del Río: weather forecast for today, Friday, February 9

Today in Palm Riverit is expected a covered day with little rain for most of the day. According to the data provided, the sky will be cloudy with little rain at different times of the day. The temperature will fluctuate between 12°C and 17°C, with a relative humidity that will remain high, reaching up to 100% in some hours.

During the morning, the sky will be covered with light rain, which means that there will be low intensity precipitation. The temperature will remain constant around 13°C, with a relative humidity of 99%. He wind will blow from the south with a speed of 25 km/h.

As the day progresses, rain will intensify slightly, but will remain light. The temperature will gradually increase, reaching 17°C during the afternoon. The relative humidity will decrease slightly, but will remain high around 90%. The wind will change direction, blowing from the southwest with speeds of up to 40 km/h.

During the night, the sky will be partially covered, with cloudy intervals and little rain. The temperature will drop to 11°C, with a relative humidity of 100%. The wind will blow from the west with speeds of up to 28 km/h.

Regarding the probabilities of precipitation, a 100% probability of rain is expected during the morning and afternoon, while at night the probability will decrease to 70%. There is also a 20% chance of thunderstorms during the morning and a 60% chance for the rest of the day.

In summary, a day with overcast skies and little rain is expected in Palm River. Temperatures will remain mild, ranging between 12°C and 17°C. Relative humidity will be high throughout the day, reaching 100% at times. It is recommended to bring an umbrella and dress appropriately for the rain.

Information prepared using, among others, that obtained from the Meteorology Statal Agency. © AEMET. Data update date: 2024-02-08T22:41:08.

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