These are the three diseases that oats help fight

That oats are healthy is something that everyone knows: especially in the world of fitness and sport It is a widely used ingredient due to its interesting nutritional profile. By including it in the menu of runners and athletes, for example, it is possible to increase muscle mass and promote sports performance.

The most common way to consume this cereal is during Breakfast time: The normal thing is that some other complementary ingredient is added such as milk or yogurt that, on the one hand, improves its flavor and, on the other, enriches it nutritionally. Other products that usually accompany it are cinnamon, soy milk or even fruit juice.

But the consumption of oats is not restricted exclusively to athletes: Its versatility makes it an ideal cereal for many other types of people. Including those who have certain types of diseases that force them to be extremely careful about their diet.

Coronary artery diseases

The first pathology against which oats can be a good ally, always under the medical supervision of our doctor, It is in the face of coronary heart diseases such as heart failure, high blood pressure, excess cholesterol, myocardial infarction or angina pectoris.

The reason behind this hypothesis, as proposed by the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, is that As it is a food rich in soluble fibers It can be beneficial to combat this type of pathology: among the most common in the world.

colonorectal cancer

Another disease for which the consumption of oats beneficial is colorectal cancer, since the high fiber content can reduce the symptoms of constipation and, according to the Heathline portal, its consumption can reduce the risk of having this type of tumor by up to ten percent.

Blood pressure

High blood pressure is another strong candidate to be combated by un frequent, stable and supervised consumption medically oatmeal, since according to Gastrolab it can help regulate blood pressure.

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