They show all the cutting of the pig at the Slaughter Festival in Villanueva de Córdoba

The Festival of the Slaughter and the Popular Crafts of Villanueva de Córdoba showed this Saturday the process of cutting of the iberian pig and the production of sausages with its meat. Specifically, they were two 100% Iberian pigs acorns that were cut up by master butchers, while the ham businessman Antonio Escribano He was explaining the entire process and each piece that was extracted, including hams and shoulders and the rest of the parties before the attentive look of the attendees. A group of women from Matanzas were in charge of seasoning the meats to make sausages, such as blood sausage, and to do so with the corresponding seasonings such as cloves, coriander, pepper, cumin, oregano or matalauva.

There were visits to different enclaves such as the tower from the parish of San Miguel to see the pasture and the urban area, while at the same time they could tour exhibitions and horse-drawn carriage rides. At noon and after the performance of the group of jotas and the senior center, the mayor, Isaac Reyespaid tribute to the Matanzas Mayor of 2024 that has been Alfonsa Luna Cepasveteran in these tasks.

Distinction to Alfonsa Luna as a senior from Matanzas. CORDOVA

The morning left some rain and some cold and as the mayor pointed out “it is the typical time for massacres.” Furthermore, Isaac Reyes indicated the importance of the agroindustrial sector in the town linked to the Iberian pig.

In one of the tents five hospitality establishments served molondrosco and Iberian barbecue, while the women’s association offered stew and the senior center liver in sauce. The musical performances continued with Jara y Granito, Longplay and DJs. There were sales of products and craft exhibitions with the women’s association and the Jarota lace makers and also raffles such as the one for your slaughter at home or lots of Iberian meats.

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