This is what you should never do at a traffic light if you don’t want to get fined

There are many people who, despite the sanctionsthey still do not respect the traffic regulations and they ignore elements as basic as traffic lights.

As you already know, traffic lights are not only for those who travel on the road in a motor vehicle, but they must also be respected by pedestrians alike at zebra crossings and by other vehicles that circulate on the road, such as bikes. In addition to the fine for not respecting a traffic light, there are others that can be imposed, some as simple as the one we tell you about below.

Traffic lights must be respected by everyone

Fine for jumping a traffic light

On urban roads, you will have noticed that there are many traffic lights that have a rear camera that monitors traffic and those drivers who do not respect traffic rules. There are many other ways to punish drivers and there are more cameras arranged on Spanish roads that control, among other things, the mobile usethe speed or even the environmental badge that your vehicle carries.

Despite all these “forms of control” there are still many people who continue doing what they want. when they are behind the wheel, so if you are one of them, you should be aware of the fines they entail. The one of run a red lightFor example, it is 200 euros and 4 points on your driving licensealthough there are exceptions, as we will tell you below.

There are several fines related to traffic lights

Don’t ever do this

Besides the penalty fee For skipping it, as we told you before, there are other sanctions that can be imposed on you. Many drivers use traffic lights to move your seat or place the Mirrors (things that should be done when the vehicle is parked) but there are many others that do even more serious things, such as use mobile phone.

When you are stopped at a traffic light you can’t use your cell phone, even if it’s to change songs, see a message or check the time. If the Traffic Officers catch you doing it, the fine you face is 200 euros and 6 points of your driving license. It is a dangerous behavior and which you must be careful about if you do not want to get an “economic” scare.

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