Urresola, best new director, asks governments to “stop the genocide” in Gaza

The director Estíbaliz Urresola, Goya Award to best address novel for his film ‘20,000 species of bees’, has urged governments to “stop the genocide” that is occurring in Loopaccompanying this request with a protest label that other nominees have also worn.

“If anything What this movie talks about is the importance of naming things and I also wanted to take the opportunity here to say that what is happening in Gaza is a genocide and we have to ask our governments to stop it,” he stressed.

The filmmaker has also described it as “exciting” to receive this award from two other “great directors” who are “setting precedents.” “And this is a chain that we are part of and we are proud that there are more and more of us and we have more strength to say that it is over. And we don’t have more violence nor harassment, neither in the cinema nor anywhere,” he concluded.

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