This Tuesday, Tragsa workers resumed the work they are going to have an execution period of 21 months and a budget that increases to 5.2 million euros. The Health Delegate, Maria Jesus Bottle, and the mayor, Isaac Reyes, They visited the work being carried out on some land of the Zarza Street.

The works, which began in May 2022, they were paralyzed since the previous winning company presented a document, dated October 11 of that same year, in which requested the temporary suspension of the contract for technical reasons, since it argues that there was a problem with the groundwater level, when only 4.65% of the project had been executed. However, the project director considered that there was no reason to justify either the temporary suspension or the modification of the project.

“Vicissitudes of the project”

The Health delegate highlighted the «project vicissitudes» and showed his confidence in Tragsa “to make this desire and this dream come true.” need that exists in Villanueva de Córdoba, since the current health center has become too small and has accessibility problems and architectural barriers.

María Jesús Botella indicated that this project was assumed by the Ministry as “priority” and about him “there was a lot of commitment and enthusiasm” but he added that “now we have the same enthusiasm and “We hope that the deadlines are met.”

The delegate also highlighted “the magnificent work of the professionals who work in the clinic and this is demonstrated by the data on consultations and attention. For her part, the mayor, Isaac Reyes, thanked “the delegate’s efforts and her willingness to resolve the blockade that existed and today we see with satisfaction that the works are returning.” Tragsa, commissioned by the Government of Andalusia, will complete an action that will involve an investment of 5,292,000 euros from the initially planned budget of 3,265,000 euros. The Board will assume the 3.2 million budgeted and the rest will be financed by the Minap program of the Ministry of Health.

The delegate advanced the inauguration on February 26 of the new Montoro health center.

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