112| Córdoba registers 163 daily emergencies on average in 2023

112 is an anniversary. The assistance number celebrates 23 years since its launch in Andalusia and 21 in the province of Córdoba, and has become a “reference for the population”. During these more than two decades, numbering has been consolidated as a public service that citizens turn to in any emergency. Specific, During 2023, 163 daily emergencies were attended to on average Cordova. This has been indicated by the delegate of the government of the Junta of Andalusia, Adolfo Molina. On the occasion of European emergency number 112 day, the central Plaza de las Tendillas It houses an advanced command post where materials and equipment used in these emergencies are displayed.

“The small coordination center that was created 23 years ago has little to do with today’s emergency service,” Molina indicated. “It’s a service that has not stopped growing throughout its history“, and he pointed out that in the last eight years, the growth has been significant. Regarding the figures, in Córdoba, more than 50% of emergencies are health, followed by the group of citizen security with 18%, and in last place are incidents related to traffic (7.8%) or animals (5%).

The role of training of these professionals who manage and respond to an emergency of any nature, is essential. Therefore, today, up to 120 students from the Fuensanta Institute, the Galileo Galilei and the Ilerna Training Center, who study studies related to emergencies and civil protection, they will be able to receive instruction on how to do this work and the tools used. “It is the specialized knowledge and acquired skills that allow us to act with precision and speed when every second counts,” explained Molina.

For her part, the head of the civil protection service of the government delegation of the Junta de Andalucía, and responsible for emergencies 112 Andalusia in Córdoba, Pilar Vinuesahas explained that this phone responds to a community directive which aims to respond to all emergencies and needs that citizens may have in any area.

We have decided to take it to the streets in a non-emergency situation to make it known to the citizen.and we have closed visits with the public and private centers that teach these degrees, since it is quite important to let them know what we do, that see the practical partbecause ultimately they are the future and those who are going to have to continue the work we have been doing,” explained Vinuesa.

The role of the Provincial Council

The second vice president of the Provincial Council of Córdoba, Marta Siles, has explained the involvement of the provincial institution in 112 regarding two resources. On the one hand, with the Provincial Consortium for Extinction and Prevention of Fires, which in addition to providing services throughout the province, participates in emergency plans. The consortium has 11 parks spread throughout the provincial territory, which means the participation of 246 people who face all types of contingencies. Siles has detailed that in the budget for 2024, the Provincial Council is going to contribute 3.6 million euros to the consortium’s total amount of 19.2 million.

On the other hand, the Provincial Council has links with the local groups of Civil Protection volunteers of the Córdoba municipalities that already have 52 associations and involve 975 volunteers in the province, who receive financial support from the institution.

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