An abuser cuts the throat of his partner’s pet, cooks it and tries to get him to eat it

The vicarious violence It is anything that is exercised against another living being, in many cases the children themselves, replacing the direct objective of the abuser to cause greater pain to your victim. And I say being alive because it is not only limited to people. Although there is hardly sentences for animal abuse in the area of ​​violence against womenthis is another of the tools that abusers use to harm their partners or former romantic partners, hitting them where it hurts the most, killing your petwhether it be the dog, a cat, or as in this case, your white rabbit.

A alleged abuser, resident of Montserratfaces penalties amounting to almost twelve years in prison for several crimes of violence against women, Habitual abuse, injuries, continued threatsa crime against moral integrity and another of animal abuse for precisely having slaughtered his partner’s rabbit in front of her, to see her suffer. Not content with this, he rubbed the blood on its face, cooked the animal and tried to get his victim to eat it. All this, according to what he told him, as “lesson, so that he would learn” for having spit on him.

For this last crime the fiscal Ministery requests for the accused a sentence of 18 months in prisonas well as three years of disqualification from any work related to animals and from owning them.

It is just one of the multiple episodes of mistreatment to which the accused, arrested at the time by the Civil Guardto his partner in the barely four months that their relationship lasted. Hits with a club because I didn’t agree with the clothes what his girlfriend wanted to wear, you threaten to burn her alive in the fireplace and even torture, making him walk on your knees on the ground full of rice, while hitting her. All of her to subjugate her for the mere fact of being a woman, exercising over her a situation of power and domicile that had her totally intimidated.

The facts for which the Prosecutor’s Office accuses BA They date back to October 2021the coexistence between victim and aggressor had barely begun, in a home in the town of Montserrat, after a month of dating.

He threatened to throw her alive into the fireplace and tortured her by making her kneel on rice for an hour.

Being in a Rioja hostel The accused took a club and began hitting his partner on the head, arms and legs. Despite the seriousness of the events, the woman did not go to any medical center and, confident that she would change, she chose not to report.

A month later, while at Montserrat’s home, after a new argument, the defendant He tied her arms and legsput her face down and frightened her by saying that I was going to cut her throat and throw her into the fireplace.. All of this according to the victim’s story that the Prosecutor’s Office includes in its provisional conclusions.

Then came the torture, making him kneel on rice for an hour, hitting her with a club when she crouched down. There is also no record of these injuries as there is no medical report and the testimony of the victim herself will be key in the trial.

“I deserved to die for spitting on him”

At the end of December 2021, an episode occurred that especially angered the accused. According to what the victim told investigators, when blowing out the hair that had been left in a hair machine, he accidentally spat at her partner. His violent reaction was immediate. He picked up a knife and put it to his neck. at the same time he threatened to kill her and throw her into the fireplace, telling her that “she deserved to die for spitting on him,” and that he would then throw her teeth into a field so that no one would know what had happened.

It was that day when he chose to vent his anger against his partner’s pet, a white bunny. With the same knife that had previously threatened her, she slit the animal’s throat, forcing it to look. Once dead he cooked it and urged him to eat itas “lesson”.

Finally, and after a last violent episode, in which he punched her in the left eye, the victim reported these nightmarish months to the police. Civil Guard. According to what she confessed, she did not abandon him before or go to report him out of fear, since he intimidated her by telling her that “I would look for her even under the stones” and ““he would cut the throats of his mother and his little son” if I let him.

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