Kiko the Goat, the murderer of the civil guards in Barbate, overwhelmed them “to avenge his dead partner”

His name was Marcos and he was 46 years old. He was the inseparable partner of Francisco Javier MP, alias Kiko el Cabra, who is the pilot who killed two civil guards. after running over them with a drug boat in Barbate. The two were dedicated to “the rubbers”, which is what is colloquially known as piloting the gliders that transport drugs through the Strait. But Marcos died at the end of January and Kiko the Goat promised revenge.

Sources from the Civil Guard, familiar with the case, tell El Periódico de España, from the Prensa Ibérica group: “Not even two weeks ago his partner was killed in Sanlúcar de Barrameda.” Marcos, a veteran of speedboat piloting, died in a boat accident at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River, when he collided with a Civil Guard patrol boat.

The patrol boat agents approached the drug boat where Marcos was. They saw her detained and with no one on board. In reality, the occupants of it, who were transporting gasoline, were lying on the boat. “Either they were resting, or they were hiding when they saw the agents”Civil Guard sources tell this newspaper. When the agents were close, the traffickers started the boat to try to flee, with the misfortune that they hit the patrol boat and Marcos died after the impact.

a veteran

The event took place on January 31. The death of his friend was not, however, enough reason for Kiko the Goat to leave the gliders. after more than 15 years of activity. A guy who started in the drug trafficking business from the bottom, unloading by hand the bales of hashish that arrived from Morocco to the beaches of Cadiz. From there he went to “the rubber bands.” First as a co-pilot and then as a driver, currently being one of the most experienced pilots.

The death of his partner, another experienced pilot, did not push him into retirement. On the contrary: he has continued sailing and, as revenge, has rammed into a Civil Guard boat in Barbate, taking the lives of the agents. Miguel Ángel González Gómez and David Pérez Carracedo, 39 and 43 years old respectively. “This is the only way to explain what he did. He did not go over the Civil Guard boat by accident. He was making them dizzy until he ran them over,” sources from the Strait tell this newspaper.

Kiko el Cabra, who was driving the drug boat that ran over the two Benemérita agents, had a criminal record for resistance to authority, disobedience and money laundering. His deceased partner, Marcos, also had a similar background, in her case for smuggling, drug trafficking and membership in a criminal organization. Between them they transported hashish, but also tobacco. El Cabra was arrested last year with 40 kilos of hashish, but was free.

Lives in Villa Narco

The alleged perpetrator of the attacks by the agents in Barbate has a high standard of living thanks to the high salaries that glider pilots earn, which can amount to 15,000 per trip. El Cabra has a house in La Línea de la Concepción and another in El Zabal, an area of ​​the town known as Villa Narco, due to the number of traffickers who have taken up residence there. It also has a 4×4 all-terrain car, as explained by EFE.

There were six people on the glider. at the moment in which they ran over the Civil Guard agents. However, three of them abandoned the boat shortly after the accident occurred. They got into a vehicle that was waiting for them in Sotogrande, which is where the glider left them. Apparently, these three people were three glider mechanics, who had boarded to repair a breakdown.

After leaving these three men in Sotogrande, Kiko el Cabra and the other two crew members spent the night on the boat, until the next morning they ran aground somewhere in La Línea and fled on foot until they hid in the Sierra de Carboneras. among the undergrowth, while a device by land and air cornered them until their arrest around two in the afternoon. The other two crew members are two men. One of them is 39 years old and the other is 26. Neither of them has a criminal record.

Meanwhile, the deceased agents have already been buried. And in the funeral chapel of one of them there was a moment of tension with Minister Marlaska as the protagonist. The widow of David Pérez Carracedo, refused to let the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, be the one to place a medal on the coffin. The widow expressed her disagreement with the fact that the minister was the one who carried out this act, alleging that her husband “wouldn’t have wanted this.”

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