Athletic misses a Champions League chance against bottom team Almería

The UD Almería and Athletic Club they tied at zero in a duel that has not lacked scoring opportunities and in which both have shared the stretches of dominance.

Ernesto Valverde’s men took the first half in terms of chances, with one from Paredes after a corner that, with a great shot with his head, forced Luis Maximiano to make an exceptional save.

The second half was conditioned by the expulsion of Ramazani in ’54which forced Garitano’s team to look for a goal on the counterattack, with clear Basque dominance.

Athletic had its options, the clearest in a header from Raúl García that hit the post. But, against all odds, Almería was able to take the three points in a counterattack led by Melero and Marezi that the Serbian failed in the one-on-one match and that he was able to give him the first three points of the season.

The match began with Athletic carrying the offensive weight. The first to try his luck was Vesga, with a left-footed shot from a distance that Maximiano stopped without much problem. The Basque team started with danger and had the opportunity to go ahead with a long ball that was collected by Unai Gómez, who failed to give the death pass.

Almería’s first attempt came in the 7th minute, after a Robertone’s dangerous recovery, which Lopy picked up, trying his luck with a shot that was centered into the hands of Unai Simón. Almería would continue to carry offensive danger, this time through Ramazani, who looked for the Spain international’s goal from the corner of the area.

After a quarter of an hour, the meeting entered a period of calm, with UD Almería looking for long possessions and Ernesto Valverde’s men waiting for quick transitions via direct play. There was some rapprochement on both sides, but neither ended up being dangerous due to the constant inaccuracies in the last pass between the Andalusians and the Basques.

It was not until the 34th minute that the silence at the Power Horse Stadium would be broken again, with the arrival of the Bilbao team through Iñaki Williams, who found a gap in the Almeria defense to enable Villalibre, who missed a clear chance in the one-on-one. hand, shooting at Maximiano’s body.

The clearest of the first half would also be for Valverde’s men. It was a corner taken in the 39th minute, which Paredes finished with a header and which the Portuguese goalkeeper from Almería took out with an exceptional shot to the right post.

The red and white responded to make another chance. Once again upside down, the new winter signing Almeriawhich finished at the hands of Unai Simónin the last play of the first half.

The resumption of the match started badly for the hosts, who lost Dion Lopy to injury in the 47th minute and a change window. Despite this, Almería was not intimidated and Ramazani had the first of the second half on a counterattack in which he took too long to release it to Robertone, who was well surrounded by the Basques.

The second negative note for Garitano’s team came in the form of expulsion, for double yellow, to Ramazani himself in the 56th minute, for grabbing the arm of an opponent who was leaving alone.

From the expulsion onwards, the meeting was a monologue of the Athleticwho carried all the offensive weight, finding very dangerous situations that did not end in a goal due to small details.

Despite the superiority, Ernesto Valverde’s men did not enjoy new opportunities goal, as Almería closed well behind with the changes, mainly the entry of Bruno Langa to mark Williams.

Athletic had the chance to win the game almost at the end, with a Raúl García’s header in ’86 which the veteran Navarrese player crashed into the crossbar.

But, against all odds, the people of Almería enjoyed the last of the match to take their first epic victory, but, in a ride between Melero and Marezi, the Serbian missed a very clear one-on-one, shooting against the crossbar.

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