Cities: Skylines 2 signs up for another round of economic updates

In his weekly update on the status of ‘Cities: Skyline 2‘, developer Colossal Order has revealed the implementation of improvements in the economy of the game through new patches. Apparently, this aspect of production does not fully meet the quality standards with which the company is accustomed to working and they are willing to solve it.

Prepare for changes

According to the developer, upcoming updates will vary the systems that support the format’s economy. The goal is to give players more information about what is happening in real time, something that will hopefully help them understand more complex dynamics and manage resources appropriately while developing their urban projects.

This means that ‘Cities: Skylines 2’ will implement tools designed to facilitate understanding of how specialized industries work and what elements are imported or exported. He study It also promises corrections for the information tab, which does not always correctly show the economic flow of a city. Information will also be offered regarding the method used in the video game to calculate the value of the land necessary to build new projects. This will be accompanied by another battery of improvements to the game’s requirements system, in a process that, on the other hand, still needs time to complete.

Upcoming updates

“Our goal with these changes is to make the systems easier to work with, so that, for example, it is easier to understand what causes high rents and how it can affect the price,” reveals the developer of the video game published for PC and Xbox Series biomes that represent both challenges and opportunities. In addition, each citizen of our city has his own life, with his job, family and so on, so you can confirm firsthand how your choices will affect the lives of the population, which adds weight and impact to each strategy.

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