Spain defeats Montenegro and will fight for the medals again

Spain, which has not been out of the fight for medals since 2018, will once again play a semi-final in a major competition, now in a World Cup, and its last victim was Montenegro, which succumbed in a match that was a roller coaster, but which David Martín’s team always dominated (15-12).

In a game with many goals, the Spanish people They were only in danger until halftime (8-7), but a 5-0 run in the third quarter decided the game. Captain Felipe Perrone, with five goals, and pitcher Álvaro Granados, with four, were the most outstanding.

Their connection was lethal for the Montenegrins at the start of the match. The captain scored three goals in the first quarter and the Novi Beograd shooter scored two more, one of them from a penalty.

Spain shot up the score at the start (4-0), with a very fluid game and a very pressing defense. But with patience, the Balkans began to find their moment. Mrsic, in the last second of a possession, and Averka, scored, although David Martín’s men went into the first break with a clear 5-2 lead.

Sanahuja still increased the difference (6-2), but from then on Montenegro found its pitchers and managed a partial 0-3 that turned on the red lights.

Mrsic, in a transition, Spaic and Brguljan made it 6-5 at 3:49 before halftime and David Martín had to stop the game. He prepared an action that made it 7-5, again by Perrone, who got his fourth goal; but everything moved from then on with minimal differences and the intermission was reached with 8-7 and a partial 3-5 for Montenegro.

However, Spain recomposed itself, and in a big way. A 5-0 partial, with goals from Munárriz, and two from Granados and the buoyant Roger Tahull practically decided the match. David Martín’s men were 13-7 after a 5-0 run in which they took the game.

In the last quarter, the Montenegrins forced situations, put much more pressure and managed to win the set 2-5, but the game was already decided (15-12). Spain awaits the winner of Greece-Italy in the semifinal.

Data sheet

15 – Spain: Lorrio; Munárriz (1), Granados (4, 1p), Sanahuja (2, 1p), De Toro (-), Larumbe (-), Famera (-), Cabanas (-), Tahull (3), Perrone (5), Bustos (-) and Biel (-).

12 – Montenegro: Tesanovic; Brguljan (1), Perkovic (-), Averka (2), Macic (-), Popadic (2p), Duro Radovic (-), Ukropina (1), Spaic (1), Matkovic (-), Vasilije Radovic (1 ) and Mrsic (4).

Referees: Zwart (NED) and Franulovic (CRO). Eliminated: Famera and Cabas.

Partials: 5-2, 3-5, 5-0 and 2-5.

Incidents: Doha World Cup semi-final match, played at the Aspire Dome in the Qatari capital.

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