CÓRDOBA CENTRAL LIBRARY | They digitize the scores of the composer Luis Serrano Lucena

Thanks to the donation of originals by the family and the Eduardo Lucena Philharmonic Center, which has provided digital copies of the scores they preserve, the complete musical work of the composer Luis Serrano Lucena It is gathered and preserved in the Central Municipal Library Antonio Gala. Many of the compositions that are now available for consultation by researchers and interested parties were unpublished and unknown even to specialists.

The composer Luis Serrano Lucena was born in Córdoba in 1891where he died on November 1, 1942. His talent and work were an extraordinary contribution to the Cordova of the time: he directed the Philharmonic Center and the Conservatory, created the musical chapel of the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of Mercy, organized the orchestra and choirs of the Conservatory; He taught and set up a choir at the Casa de Socorro Hospicio, he gave classes at the San Gonzalo orphanage, Auxilio Social, he played with the main singers and instrumentalists of the city, and in addition to all that, he had time for composition, field to which he contributes numerous choral works, symphonic works, Christmas carols, prayers, patriotic hymns and songs.

Collaboration of the Ramón de Garay Conservatory of Jaén

Now, thanks to the work of the Composition professor at Ramón de Garay Professional Conservatory of Music in Jaén, Sergio Moreno Barranco, who for more than a year has been collaborating with the Municipal Library Network of Córdoba, makes it possible to access Serrano Lucena’s production in a clear and orderly manner. First of all, it has been put in order set of scores that the family once deposited. This basic work has allowed the correct cataloging of all the musical material and the digitization of the autograph scores. This complex and selfless work has been completed with the editing of the scores, which sometimes include notes and comments, and their conversion to editable format for easier reading and interpretation.

There are a total of 76 compositions that now, thank you to public and immediate access Through the website of the Municipal Library Network, they will allow better knowledge and dissemination of the work of one of the greatest composers in the history of Córdoba.

Access to the edited scores can be done through the Municipal Library Network website:

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