CÓRDOBA JOSÉ MARTÍNEZ | José Antonio Martínez, passenger 28 of Córdoba CF

He Córdoba CF this Sunday he thrashed Atlético de Madrid B (4-1) in The Archangel in a match in which they once again demonstrated their superiority over the Colchonero subsidiary, thus addingThree points that take them back to third place in Group 2 of the First Federation.

Relieves Matías Barboza

A duel that marked the debut with the green and white shirt of José Antonio Martínezwhich thus became the player number 28 used by Iván Ania in the 23 rounds played so fara League in which the green and white coach has debuted three players in the last four games. In the 20th was Matias Barboza the one that premiered at the Nuevo Colombino, in Huelvawhen he had to jump onto the pitch after the break to replace the injured Carlos García. Since then, the Malaga centre-back from the Córdoba subsidiary has been a permanent starter for Iván Ania.

José Martínez, in the center of the barrier, during Córdoba CF – Atlético de Madrid B this Sunday at El Arcángel. AJ GONZÁLEZ

The next to premiere in the Córdoba CF was Alvaro Leiva, the first of the winter signings of the green and white entity. The Algeciras midfielder, on loan from Real Madrid Castilla, debuted with the green and white elastic on the penultimate day of the League, played in Linarejosin which Ania’s team beat Linares Deportivo (0-2)and in which he had the last 16 minutes to become the Asturian’s 27th player this season.

Defense setbacks solved

The last one to put on the team’s shirt Córdoba CF In this campaign, until now, it was José Antonio Martínez. The Huelva centre-back jumped onto the pitch The Archangel on Sunday to replace Matias Barboza that, as soon as the second half began, he suffered dizziness due to which Iván Ania was forced to relieve him, bringing on the former FC Dallas. He was still seen Jose Martinez the logical lack of attachment to the green and white team, although it left details of the level of player that the club has signed. Córdoba CF to strengthen an axis of the rear that has been greatly burdened by the setback of Dragisa Gudelj and physical problems Adrian Castellano and of Carlos Garcia.

Diarra struggles with a Colchonero rival during the match between Córdoba CF and Atlético B, this Sunday at El Arcángel. AJ GONZÁLEZ

After the match against Atlético de Madrid B, Carlos Marín continues to be the player most used by Iván Ania, with 1,974 minutes, followed by Christian Carracedo and Youssouf Diarra, both with 1,921 minutes of competition. The least used of the first squad of the Córdoba CF, In addition to the newcomers Álvaro Leiva (27) and José Antonio Martínez (42), they are Tarrés, with 94 minutes, Recio (430 minutes) and Iván Rodríguez, with 474 minutes.

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