“The Son of Man,” the avant-garde of religious dramatic theater, arrives at the Mosque-Cathedral

Continuing with the program of commemorative events of the 40th anniversary of the Declaration of the Mosque-Cathedral as World Heritagehe Council Cathedral will offer the theatrical performance on the Passion of Jesus “The Son of Man”which is presented with a new more intimate dramaturgy that makes up a cultural experience that bears the nickname “The Light of the Word”. Admission will be free until capacity is reached next Friday, February 16 at 8 p.m..

The work, by the Esteban author Manu Fernandez, starts from an apparently simple initial idea that lies in retelling, once again, the life and story of Jesus of Nazareth. A plot in which the events are so well known in detail that there is no opportunity for surprise. Everyone knows that Jesus is betrayed by one of his intimates, it is victim of a rigged trial at night, dies on the cross and is resurrected three days later. It doesn’t matter who travels to the past in fiction to tell it in a novel. The great History is known in all its events chronological, practically, all over the world.

The originality of the work lies in the original way of telling it. The spectator is received at the Mosque-Cathedral with a scenography that aims to become a singular work of art in itself. Paintings by Velázquez, Murillo, Goya or El Greco, tell us through the inspiration of color, the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus, the most transcendent moments for any Christian.

It is as if the work were told from the inside of a painting. The word of the testimony of each of the characters is illuminated by the light of candles, which envelop the public in an intimate atmosphere, almost secret, opening and preparing the senses for the emotion of discovery of the story of the feelings and truth, of the followers and detractors of Jesus of Nazareth. A kind of trial in which the viewer receives the arguments of the parties.

The live musicperformed with piano, violin, viola and trumpet, is one of the values ​​most highlighted by spectators. The musical director, Carmen María Pérez Mata, has managed to unite each melody with each phrase, creating sublime versions of brother songs that arouse the admiration of the public. Under the artistic direction of Rafael López from Córdoba, a cast of sixteen actors will transport the public to 1st century Jerusalem.

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