The Huelva City Council encourages women to clean with ecological products to combat climate change

The City Council of Huelva, governed by the PP, has organized a course on women and sustainability titled: ‘The role of women in the sustainability of our planet’. The training, promoted by the Department of Social Services, Families and Accessibility and published this Saturday on the website, has sparked controversy in the Huelva capital as it is aimed exclusively at women, and relates domestic tasks to how climate change affects them and which It is your contribution to alleviating it from your homes.

The PSOE has asked the mayor, Pilar Miranda, and the councilor for the sector, José Manuel Moreno, for explanations. The socialists consider that it is a “sexist and retrograde” initiative as a consequence of the “pact with Vox” and the elimination of the Department of Equality.

The poster for the activity, announced for next February 21 in the Gota de Leche building, first includes a meeting with “debates, videos and reflections”, through questions such as “how can we contribute to the sustainability of our city of individually?”, “Are women more respectful of the environment? Continue with the call for the workshop ”Healthy Homes – Toxic Free’, a course on how to clean the house: “Did you know that the chemicals we use at home can harm our health and are harmful to the environment? Have you stopped to read the labels?”

According to the City Council, it is about “analyzing how we can contribute to the sustainability of our city individually, from a gender perspective.” “The workshop includes the preparation of several natural recipes and the creation of a form of ecological, toxic-free products for the home, with the distribution of samples to be able to test at home the effectiveness of disinfectants, purifiers and items that do not contain chemical ingredients, “They can contribute to preserving our health without harming the environment,” details the information on the activity.

The reactions have not been long in coming. The vice spokesperson of the PSOE of the Huelva City Council believes that “it is regrettable that our City Council promotes a stereotypical and sexist vision of women, influencing one role, that of caregiver and cleanerwhich represents a direct attack on the fight for equality of so many years.”

The Huelva feminist association Mujeres 24 Horas has stated in a statement that this is an initiative to “fill out the agenda” and “a green facelift” for the City Council now that March 8 is approaching. International Women’s Day. The deputy of the Andalusian Parliament, Maribel Mora (Adelante Andalucía), has stated on the social network

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