EXPELLED BAKE OFF | ‘Bake Off’ expelled its most beloved contestant: “You’ve gotten a lot of trash”

‘Bake Off: celebrities in the oven’ celebrated Valentine’s week with a delivery related to love. However, this did not prevent the expulsion of one of the contestants most loved by viewers. Yolanda Ramoswho has added a touch of humor throughout the contest, had to say goodbye of his classmates. “I will try to be well and not leave… But who knows?” She said in the first minutes of last night’s program.

Yolanda, who had already been on the tightrope last week, was once again among the candidates for expulsion along with Terelu Campos and Alba Carrillo. “For me it is a failure, without a doubt. Having the star apron in the previous program and being here in the shortlist to leave… It is still a failure,” said María Teresa Campos’ daughter. Carrillo, for her part, pointed to her “poor time management.” as the one responsible for the position she was in.

Finally, Eva Arguiñano announced that the jury had decided that Yolanda should leave the competition. “I want to thank the four and whoever organized this program because you are super kind and respectful with us, whether we make a trick or make a work of art,” said the interpreter about the role of the judges.

“I am very happy and I love you all very much,” said Yolanda, who maintained her sense of humor until the end. “Now the crème de la crème is remaining. By leaving you have gotten quite a bit of rubbish“He commented to the laughter of his companions.

“This experience has been very crazy, it is very similar to life. All the time working and you know that one day you will have to die,” he added in some totals on camera in which he also joked with his exit: “Tell me why not I have stayed and it has stayed TereluFor example”.

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