First round for Barça against a fierce BAXI Manresa

Barça took the victory at the Nou Congost (77-87) in an intense duel, which forced Grimau’s team to go to the limit to overcome a brave BAXI. A good game from the Blaugranas that will be seen again with Pedro Martínez’s team in the Cup quarterfinals this Friday.

Barça entered the duel focused, with a great defense and with a Robinson-Parker duel that sparked. Although the American from Barça opened the scoring with a triple, a premonition of the Blaugrana’s success in attack.

BAXI could not stop a successful Barça and especially Darío Brizuela, who came on for Satoransky due to a blood wound and the Basque no longer moved because he began to ‘plug’ everything he threw (10). Grimau’s men already opened a lead of 9 after a triple by Brizuela (14-23) and that reached 11 after a basket by Jokubaitis (14-25).

The Blaugrana, very fluid in attack, allowed them to close the quarter with an income of 8 (19-27) and with the good news of the return of Alex Abrines after weeks away from the game.

A maximum of 16

Barça maintained the high pace of the game against a BAXI that was clearly trailing. A maximum of 13 for Barça after free throws from Jokubaitis (21-24), allowed them to control the duel on both sides of the court. Pedro Martínez’s men went to the limit to prevent the game from breaking down based on a defense to the limit that allowed them to get closer (27-34).

But Barça’s success in the triple was enormous and with two consecutive ones from Satoransky and Laprovittola, opened a gap again (27-40 m.25).

Barça reached a maximum of 16 after a triple by Parker (27-43) although the locals tightened their defense and after an 11-1 run They got back into the game against the fun of Nou Congost (38-44). A three-pointer by Satoransky cooled down the hosts and allowed Barça to catch their breath at half-time (38-47).

BAXI returned to the match angry and took advantage of Barça’s errors in attack to reduce the gap to just 3 (49-52) after a triple by Badio with a run of 9-0. The blaugranas lowered their offensive level and learned itHe overshadowed the Manresa team to threaten the Blaugrana dominance. Pedro Martínez’s men entered the duel with a partial of 12-3 (54-55) in a new match.

The intensity of BAXI suffocated Grimau’s team (61-62) They saw how the locals believed in victory for the first time, although Barça held out at the end of the third quarter (61-64) despite losing it (23-17). It was time to suffer until the end.

final 10 minutes of heart attack

Badio put BAXI ahead again after the opening basket of the duel (65-64) although the locals were cooled by two actions by Laprovittola and Jokubaitis (65-69) that kept Barça ahead.

Barç took advantage of the attacking errors of the Manresa teamOh, with a triple from Kalinic, they took a breath (65-72, although Taylor responded (68-72). Fatigue could take its toll in the final minutes because the pace was infernal.

BAXI managed to equalize after a triple by Travanté Williams (72-72) 5′ from the end but Barça responded with five points thanks to an offensive rebound by Parker and a triple by Satoransky (72-77). Grimau’s team resisted, with Vesely on the court with four fouls. With the locals on the limit due to the terrible physical effortParker performed three geniuses which served to decide a duel that Barça won in a show of strength as a team (77-87).

77. Baxi Manresa (19+19+23+16): Taylor (3), Badio (12), Vaulet (12), Robinson (15), Geben (7) -starting five-; Williams (12), Steinbergs (7), Sagnia (2), Mawugbe (4), Oriola (-) and Pérez (3).

87. Barça (27+20+17+23): Satoransky (15), Laprovittola (5), Kalinic (5), Parker (16), Vesely (3) -starting five-; Hernangómez (12), Jokubaitis (9), Brizuela (12), Abrines (-) and Parra (10).

Referees: Benjamín Jiménez, Alfonso Olivares and Cristóbal Sánchez. They eliminated the visitor Vesely due to five personal fouls (min. 38).

Incidents: Match of matchday 22 of the Endesa Basketball League played at the Nou Congost in front of 5,000 spectators.

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