GOYA AWARDS 2024 | ‘Anatomy of a Fall’, Goya for best European film

Tape ‘Anatomy of a fall‘ (France), from Justine Trietreceived this Saturday the Goya Award 2024 for Best European Film.

Competed with ‘Aftersun‘ (United Kingdom), by Charlotte Wells; ‘The eight mountains‘ (Italy) by Charlotte Vandermeersch and Felix Van Groeningen; ‘Safe Place‘ (Croatia), by Juraj Lerotic; and ‘Teacher’s room‘ (‘The Teachers’ Lounge’, Germany), by Ílker Çatak.

The Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Spain delivers this Saturday the Goya Awardsthe most important awards granted in the Spanish cinemawhich are celebrating their 38th edition, a ceremony that takes place at the Valladolid Fair.

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