GOYA AWARDS 2024 | Cordoba stamp on the night of the Goya Awards

It has not been. Finally, the two productions with a Córdoba seal nominated for the Goya Awards, they do not get the coveted big head. Neither The crazy woman and the feminist co-produced by the Cordoba Penelope Cristobal, nominated in the Best Fiction Short Film category; nor the documentary feature film Iberia. infinite naturedirected by the biologist and naturalist Arthur Minorfilmed in locations in the province of Córdoba, take home the statuette.

Although it’s night, was the winner for Best Fiction Short Film, which shared the nomination with Letter to my mother for my son, Divine Accounts, Paris 70, and The Madwoman and the Feminist. This last film is produced by Penelope Cristóbal from Córdoba and María del Puy Alvarado. Directed by Sandra Gallego and performed by Iñaki Ardanaz and Pilar Gómez, The crazy woman and the feminist recreates a conversation between a couple, an exercise on What feminism means and the use given to this word. This talk addresses the unequal distribution of household chores, the extra burden that she assumes and his unawareness about what his attitude really entails.

The team of ‘La loca y el feminist’ at the Goya gala. CORDOVA

With the support of the Provincial Council of Córdoba

On the other hand, the tape Iberia, infinite natureby the Toledo film director Arturo Menor, which has had the support of the Provincial Council of Córdoba for the production, has fought for the award along with the films Caleta Palace, With you, with you and without me, This excessive ambition, and As long as it is you, the here and now of Carme Elias, the latter being the winner.

The director of ‘Iberia, infinite nature’, Arturo Menor. CORDOVA

Winner at the Carmen Awards

The tape, which has arrived at the Goya after having won the Carmen Award from the Andalusian Film Academy for the best documentary feature, aims to show the richness of the natural heritage of the Iberian Peninsula and, specifically, of the province of Cordova. To do this, it places the viewer in the eyes of a golden eagle that begins its journey in the north and flies over León, Asturias, the Cantabrian mountain range and the Castilian plateau until entering the spectacular landscapes of the dehesa de Los Pedroches, pass by Villafranca, Montillauntil the tour ends in Carcabuey and the Subbética area. A total of 13 natural locations in Córdoba added to the more than 60 spread throughout Spain, selected with the aim of raising awareness about the defense of biodiversity. A route where you can see wolves, bears and Iberian lynxes in all their splendor, among other mammals, as well as numerous species of birds and fish.

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