GOYA AWARDS 2024 | The fashion of Córdoba parades on the red carpet of the Goya 2024

Córdoba fashion has a presence at the Spanish film festival. On the red carpet of the Goya Awards 2024 They have paraded looks created by designers from Cordova and the province. Palomo Spain has signed the designs worn by the presenters of this 38 edition of the awards: Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi. Furthermore, the actresses Elena Furiase and Antonia San Juan They have worn looks created by the designer Andrew Pocrid and inspired by the city of Cordoba, its culture and heritage. The firm’s elegant tuxedos Silbon They are also present tonight thanks to film directors, academics and other guests.


Images from the red carpet of the 2024 Goya Awards

The Javis lead the evening

The Javisin charge of hosting this evening with the singer and actress Ana Belenhave arrived at the Valladolid Fairgrounds, where the gala is being held, wearing suits by the designer Maleno Palomo Spain, one of the masters of TVE sewing. The directors of Paquita Salas, Poison, The Call or The Messiahhave shined during the extensive photocall from the red carpet – which tonight is pink – elegant suits full of personality. Javier Calvo has a black suit in cold wool Covered by delicate black floral lace. For his part, Javier Ambrossi, has worn a black suit in cold wool with lapel details and black satin sash, contrasts with the bullfighter jacket and white chiffon shirt.

Córdoba brand at the Goya

The Córdoba brand has also been enjoyed thanks to the designs of Andrew Pocrid. The actress Elena Furiase She has worn a dress inspired by the city with a column silhouette, composed of a black velvet skirt with a style top. bustier made in Klein blue pleated organza, half-moon neckline and sculptural draping in 3D. The design of this dress was born from the intention to capture the designer’s hometown in an elegant and sober way; without artifice. Furthermore, that blue color evokes one of Pocrid’s favorite corners, the chapel of Saint Bartholomew.

Antonia San Juan’s look

The elegance and sobriety with which the designer describes the city of Cordoba has been captured with the creation of the actress Antonia San Juan, who has worn a look with a mermaid silhouette and composed of a black velvet train skirt with a round neckline, marked shoulders and long sleeves. Made by pailletes matte blood red color ydPleated organza flower detail at the hip. This color refers to the city ​​flag, and also to the love and passion that Andrew Pocrid feels for his land. As a detail, the hip flowers They symbolize the May of Cordoba, month where flowers flood the patios of Cordoba.

The Cordoban firm Silbon has been present in the great film festival led by five guests: Alejandro Rojas and Juan Sebastián Vázquez, film directors and nominees in the categories of Best New Director and Best Original Screenplay, Albert Espinosa, writer, nominated as screenwriter for Best Adapted Screenplay, Gorka Lasaosa, who attends academic quality to the awards, and Ismael Vázquez, who accompanies his partner India Martínez.

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