DRIVING TEST | Is there a mandatory minimum number of driving classes to pass?

As you already know, in Spain the driving license most requested is the permit Bwhich authorizes driving cars whose maximum authorized mass does not exceed 3,500 kg and? do not have more than 9 seats counting on the driver. Many people get their license the first time, but the most normal thing is to fail the practical exam at least once.

Due to this, many future Spanish drivers wonder if there is a mandatory minimum number of driving classes to be able to get the license or if everything varies depending on how you drive. We’ll tell you then.

The points card came into force in 2006

Driving test expiration

The points-based driving license came into force in our country in the year 2006, with the intention of reduce the mortality rate on the roads as well as raise awareness about the danger that driving a vehicle on the road can pose, regardless of its type.

If you are one of those who takes things calmly and have recently passed the theoric exam, you should not miss your opportunity to pass the practical exam as soon as possible. He validity period of the car or motorcycle theory is two years, time after which it could expire.

And what would happen? Well basically, what should you do? the theoretical exam again, also paying again the corresponding rates. Therefore, before those two years pass you must have passed the practical test if you don’t want to face the whole process again.

Is there a minimum number of driving classes?

How many classes do you have to teach?

Despite what many say, there is no mandatory minimum number driving lessons, but it all depends on how skilled you are behind the wheel and how evaluation of your driving school teacher. The normal -and advisable- thing is to give between 20 and 30 classes driving, but there are many people who need further (that doesn’t mean you should get frustrated) just like there are others who need less.

On the other hand, it is worth remembering that It is not allowed to carry out internships on your own in public spaces, unlike what many think. And it is not only a reason for penalty fee but it can become dangerous for other drivers that is on public roads. The penalty you face in this case is 3,000 eurosso you should think twice.

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