The Police charge against the concentration of transporters in Madrid

The National Police has charged against the farmers and carriers who gathered this Saturday around the stadium Wanda Metropolitano of Madrid, according to EFE. After the Protestants have tried leave the vicinity of the stadium skipping some fences and with the intention of cut the M-40members of the police force have tried to stop them, resulting in several protesters being injured.

After these clashes, the protesters continue around Civitas Metropolitano, where a police cordon has been installed. The Government Delegation in Madrid has reported that the attempted cut of the M-40 has been intercepted and that, until 7:30 p.m., there have been no incidents on the roads of the Community of Madrid. traffic cuts as a consequence of the mobilizations.

The 6F agricultural platform and the Platform in Defense of Transporters had called a rally this Saturday on the esplanade from the stadium Atlético de Madrid to carry out “a massive vote by show of hands”, although the a thousand people congregated.

Shortly after 5:00 p.m.several hundred people stood in front of a trailer open on one side that served as improvised stage to launch the announced ‘plebiscite’. Among the masters of ceremonies was the tweeter Alvise Perezas well as the leaders of the two convening platformsLola Guzmán, from Platform 6F, and Manuel Hernández, from Platform in Defense of Transporters.

The two organizations have agreed to maintain a indefinite strike to join, thus, to the protests that the sector has started this week. “We have to go hand in hand farmersranchers and transporters because that way we will be unstoppable,” he harangued Manuel Hernandez, leader of the transporters’ platform to those present. “It’s worth it to me with the people who have come. Whoever has not come must abide by what the people present here decide,” he added about the low representativeness of the concentration.

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