Goya Awards | José Sacristán sees it as “stupid to sacrifice Vermut’s work” for “a mistake”

The actor Jose Sacristanawarded the Goya of Honor in 2022, has regretted the accusations of sexual violence against the filmmaker Carlos Vermouth, who wanted to defend his work above these accusations. “It seems to me a mistake to sacrifice the work of someone who has made a mistake“, he assured when asked about it during his time on the red carpet, upon his arrival at the Goya Awards.

Let him pay it personally, but professionally he does not have to suffer the consequences.. It seems to me a stupidity, a foolishness“, he pointed out.

In any case, He stated that he “regrets” what happened. “And if that has really happened, he should logically receive the reprimand or punishment he deserves. But, I insist, it should not transcend in any case the work of the person who commits a crime,” he reiterated.

In this sense, Sacristan has had words of praise for Vermut since, as has been highlighted, he behaved “formidably” with him and he recalled that he is “grateful for the opportunity to make ‘Magical Girl'”, a “fantastic film”.

About Vox and his criticism of the sector – which he referred to as “subsidized” – he has joked to indicate that “first things come first.” “I have other things to do. But come on, in any case, we shouldn’t pay attention. We shouldn’t take it for granted,” the actor concluded.

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