CORDOBA CARNIVAL 2024 | Ángeles Mellado, preacher: “Together it is possible to recover the Carnival”

The preacher of Carnival of CordovaÁngeles Mellado, gave his speech this Saturday afternoon that gave rise to the celebration of the street party. The event took place in the Great theater with a half full capacity.

theatrical proclamation

Mellado has made a very funny theatrical proclamation which brought smiles and applause from those present at the Grand Theatre, some of them dressed up for the occasion. At the beginning, he simulated a conversation via WhatsApp with the president of the Córdoba Carnival Association in which he indicated that “it caught me by surprise but after the proposal, I want you to know that I got to work, to get the best out of me.” At least with respect and the love that Carnival deserves. Thank you to the rest of the members of the board of directors for this special day, a mixture of anguish and excitement, memories and experiences that will be shared. The gifts have been the best for me. “This is poison!”

In the proclamation itself, he began by thanking the carnival men and women who preceded him for their work in this event that opens the Street Carnival. “I don’t have the track record of other criers to be a legend and history of Carnival. This festival is celebrated in February but throughout the year it haunts their heads, it occupies their time and that of their family, who also take it. I am a lover of February, Yeah, “she was a transmitter of what I experienced during these weeks”. The carnival fans, he said, “are lovers of couplets, of types and lovers of lyrics. They all deserve applause.”

The Córdoba Carnival begins in the street after Ángeles Mellado’s proclamation. AJ Gonzalez

The arrival of the young

Ángeles Mellado remembered when she met a group of young carnival-goers whom he described as “warriors” that “they prepared their lyrics, creating a school as they have done. Ole for you, you have created a school and history. History in the Carnival and that same history has put each of you in your place, and yours is here.”

A “slap on the wrist”

The preacher wanted to give “a slap on the wrist to the group, to the associations and to the institutions. Together, it is possible to recover the Carnival, to bring it to younger people. It means working as a team. If each group presented with its candidacy for the contest a sultana and sultan’s proposal, I am convinced that we would recover the contest.” There she drew applause from the audience before continuing to remember the children’s and youthful chirigotas: “Everything that is done to go one step further is important and necessary for the party” . And again more applause.

Another demand of the crier was The best of the ride. In his own words, “it also deserves to be taken a look at. It is a popular expression in view of the entire public. It has to be a Carnival day in which everyone is invited to participate. Maybe we are missing the fact that it doesn’t reach all places. It must have participation of young and old, that is expected year after year and that we add to a great day. “That has to be said.”

The Córdoba Carnival begins in the street after Ángeles Mellado’s proclamation. AJ Gonzalez

He also had words for some renowned carnival dancersamong whom he cited Paco Luke, Paco de la Torre. Joaquín González, Rafa Díaz. He also thanked the companies and people who participate in one way or another in the Carnival, such as dressmakers or hairdressers.


Canal Sur journalist José Antonio Luque introduced the crier, who he recalled that she is “a girl who has always been working until one day she arrived at PTV. In 2002 she was commissioned to broadcast the final of the contest. Without having any idea what the Carnival was, she stayed so enamored that since then year after year she has been the great promoter of the Carnival, in love with something of which we have to feel proud. Before, she gave recognition to the young guitarist Pedro Criado.

Ángeles Mellado, director of PTV Córdoba, has been linked to the Córdoba Carnival since 2002the year in which she began reporting on him on PTV, to which she added, starting in 2009, her collaboration as presenter of each year’s final.

The Córdoba Carnival begins in the street after Ángeles Mellado’s proclamation. AJ Gonzalez

The street party

Once the proclamation is over, starting at 9:00 p.m. and in Plaza de las Tendillas in addition to other streets of the center, the real party begins, the Street Carnival. First of all, it is celebrated awards ceremony for the winning groups of the XLI Carnival Groups Contest, followed by a brief performance by said groups. At the beginning of the event, the Carnival Association gives its gold masks to people with an outstanding career in the Córdoba Carnival.

Then, starting at 10:00 p.m., also on the Tendillas stage, a youth party is held in which Bleeding Abyss, melodic death metal band.

And from 9:00 p.m., a total of 21 carnival groups intervene at points on Cruz Conde and Gondomar streets and Gran Capitan Boulevard. Specifically, it was possible to enjoy the groups

The 2024 Carnival events are organized by the Cordoban Carnival Association and the Delegation of Festivals and Traditions of the City Council.

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