I was screwed – Diario Córdoba

On the floor of the carriage meter There was a coin that no one saw except me. I couldn’t bend down to pick it up because I was a little embarrassed. What would he do when the people turned around? Display it high with a questioning look in case someone claims ownership of it? Users entered and left each station without anyone noticing them. Could it be a hallucination? I asked myself. I didn’t believe it. I had recently had cataract surgery and my vision had improved incredibly. The doctor who examined me shortly after, when I went to renew my driving license, told me:

-You have eagle eyesight.

In these, I began to think that the longer the coin remained in its place, the more wishes would be fulfilled for me. For every season, a wish. Six, seven, eight, nine seasons passed (six, seven, eight, nine wishes, I counted to myself). At this point, a guy wearing sneakers entered the car, stepped on it, and it must have gotten stuck to the sole, because when he raised his foot again it was gone. I followed the guy, who made a transfer two stops later, in case he got lost. I had become obsessed with the idea that that coin was some kind of talisman that belonged to me and I was not willing to give it up. When it came off, he would unceremoniously pick it up to turn it into a pendant or something. But he didn’t let go.

The seasons passed as in a dream without anything happening. At this, the subject made a strange movement with his foot and hand. currency He fell without anyone noticing. I instantly crouched down on her and rescued her from her. Just then a homeless man appeared and I had no choice but to give it to him, because it was what everyone was asking me with their eyes. I followed the homeless man, who got off immediately and, once on the street, I approached him.

“I’ll buy you the two-euro coin for a five-euro bill,” I proposed.

The homeless man looked at the coin, which he was clutching in his hand, evaluated the offer, made a gesture of greed and said no, not even for a twenty. Nor for one of fifty.

I was screwed, honestly. I ran out of magic.

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