Digi responds to the large telecos and enters the battle for cheap 5G

Digi enters fully into the battle of cheap 5G. The low-cost operator, which has been a commercial revolution in the Spanish marketly has become the company that grows the most thanks to its aggressive rates, responds to its major rivals and launches the 5G service – the fifth generation of mobile communications – for all its customers automatically and free of charge.

The large telecoms have been incorporating 5G into their low-cost brands. Telephone offers the new mobile generation in O2, Vodafone It does it in its ‘low cost’ brand Lowi, MásMóvil also markets it with Pepephone and Orange has just added 5G to the services of its cheap brand Simyo.

Now it is Digi that joins the challenge of bring 5G to the cheap rates segment. The new generation of mobile communications multiplies the download and connection speed tenfold than with 4G technology and allows a better experience in all services due to lower latency (response time), among other advantages. Digi customers who have a mobile phone compatible with 5G technology will have access to the new service automatically.

Digi is a giant that has managed to explode the Spanish telecommunications market based on aggressive prices, simple rates, and an increasingly complete range of services. The Romanian operator currently has a portfolio of just over 6.1 million customers, placing it as the fifth largest telecommunications company, only behind Movistar, Orange, Vodafone and MásMóvil and is by far the fastest growing company. Digi has added 1.5 million new customers in the last year alone (almost 2.8 million in the last two) and has managed to clearly surpass MásMóvil (Yoigo, Pepephone, MásMóvil, Euskaltel, Virgin Telco, Lebara…), the old group challenger that shook the sector, as a leader in user acquisition.

Digi is about to make a crucial shake-up that could allow it to take a giant leap and definitively complete the assault on the club of the major Spanish telecos. Orange and MásMóvil have closed an agreement with Digi to transfer assets and pave the way to finally obtain approval of the European Comission to its merger, after two years of preparatory work.

Digi Spain has closed an agreement with the two telecom companies in the process of merging to purchase radio spectrum for 120 million euros to build its own mobile network in the Spanish market. The purchase of spectrum contemplates the transfer of 60 megahertz in different frequencies (including one of those that will be used for the new generation of 5G communications) until now in the hands of MásMóvil. And the pact also contemplates a wholesale rental contract option for the use of its mobile networks with advantageous prices.

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