The Bangassou Foundation receives the two containers of humanitarian aid sent from Córdoba in the Congo

Nails 500,000 people from the Diocese of Bangassouin the Central African Republic, whose titular bishop is Cordoban Juan José Aguirrethey received a few days ago the two containers with some 45,000 kilos of essential products that were sent from Cordova to end of April 2023.

According to reports from the Bangassou Foundation, the containers have arrived at their destination, Bangassou, capital of the Diocese, after a journey of more than 8,000 kilometers by land and sea between Córdoba, Algeciras (Cádiz), Douala (Cameroon) and Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic . The beneficiary population is that of the entire Diocese, about 500,000 people, so that “everything that comes It is distributed among clinics, schools, workshops, homes for the elderly, refugee camps, orphanages, etc, distributed throughout the Diocese”.

In this sense, They detail that one of the containers has overcome several breakdowns along the way due to the great weight it was carrying, 27,000 kilos. The two were loaded with humanitarian aid and as a result of the Customs formalities and the state of the roads, They haven’t arrived until a few days that “the Three Wise Men have simply been delayed by a month in arriving in Bangassou,” they highlight.

Specifically, nearly 45,000 kilos of material have arrived, “all essential products or products impossible to obtain in the Diocese due to market shortages“, such as medical products, with bandages, masks, material for the operating room, medications, ophthalmology equipment, respirators, antiseptics, diapers and hygiene materials cleaning.

Likewise, they highlight solar panel equipment, solar energy refrigerators and freezers, more than a thousand LED light bulbs, five generator setscar and truck spare parts, tires, batteries, tools for the diocesan garage, more than one hundred bicycles, 30 pedal sewing machines and rolls of fabric for the sewing workshop, 800 balls of soccer and other sports materials such as equipment, football boots and sports shoes.

Likewise, they go a thousand kilos of olive oil, chickpeas, sugar, powdered milk, canned food, a lot of school suppliesmusical instruments, carpentry machines, baby and children’s clothing and a large quantity of household clothing and household items for the different missions, as well as electrical and hardware material “difficult to obtain” in the area, welding machines and welding material for the training workshops, work tools and “a long etcetera of things that will serve to improve the quality of life in the Diocese of Bangassou”, praise the Foundation.

Meanwhile, they are already working on the next containers, which they hope to send this year, although without having a date for the moment, but they hope that “October or November will be the most appropriate, depending on the political situation of the country and the guarantees that to be able to safely send the containers and ensure that they arrive safely”, as they explain, all of this as “exciting new challenges” that they trust will come to a “successful conclusion”.

Solidarity food, March 9

Meanwhile, the Bangassou Foundation maintains the organization of its traditional solidarity meal for the day March 9, at 2:00 p.m. at the Royal Circle of Friendship of Córdoba, with the aim of raising funds that will be used to help training workshops in sewing, welding and metal carpentry for young people who have left the guerrilla in the area.

As highlighted by the entity, they are already 24 years of celebrating this solidarity event to finance the many projects that the Cordoba bishop of the Diocese of Bangassou, Monsignor Juan José Aguirre, carries out in Bangassou, in fact he will travel expressly to attend and preside over the event on March 9.

In this regard, the foundation encourages people to reserve the date and “share that special day” for the entity and for Juanjo, in order to carry out all the activities in the aforementioned African country. There will be different musical performances and an exhibition and sale of African items donated by collaborators.

The invitations They are sold at the headquarters of the Bangassou Foundation, at number 19 Avenida de América; in Elisa García Peletería, at number 9 Calle Sevilla; at the Monte Sión Bookstore, at number 1 Plaza de los Carrillos; at the entrance of the Royal Circle of Friendship, and at the Aguirre Donate Verastegui Law Office, at number 22 Teresa Street in Calcutta (Local).

Likewise, for those who cannot attend that day and want to collaborate with the project, they provide the foundation’s account number (ES3602370210309159341463) and the Bizum (01655). In addition, they indicate that, like other years, they need young volunteers to help serve the tables.

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