AEMET 7 DAYS | Winter is leaving again: this is the Aemet forecast in Córdoba for this week

Cordova will return to the spring this week after some cold days and heavy rain that have favored a flood of the province’s reservoirsaccumulating 41% of the water received since September in three days.

The forecast of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) For the next seven days, it points to the return of the atmospheric stabilitywhich will be accompanied by a rebound in maximum temperatureswhich will once again be around 24º, with values ​​more typical of the first stages of spring than the equator of winter.

It remains to be seen if, as happened in January, this continued rise in thermometers will result in a temperature record for the month of February, as already happened in January, when a hot end to the month Córdoba reached 23.5 degrees and broke its heat record in January.

Goodbye to the rains

The capital will say goodbye to the rains first thing in the morning on Monday, February 12, on a day that will return to slightly cloudy skies and in which the rise of the mercury will begin, with a maximum of 22º and a minimum of 9º.

Cloudy skies on Tuesday the 13th, with no risk of precipitation, and a temperature range between 13 and 22 degrees. On Wednesday the 14th, skies with high clouds are expected, with a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 23.

The hottest day of the week

According to AemetThe highest temperature of the week will be recorded on Thursday, February 15, with 24º maximumwhile the minimum will remain at 11º, on a day with cloudy intervals.

Spring weather in Córdoba this week. AJ Gonzalez

On the contrary, Friday the 16th will be the coolest day of the week, with a minimum of 6º, a maximum of 20º and partly cloudy skies.

The weather in Córdoba on the weekend

For the weekend, slightly cloudy skies and atmospheric calm are expected. On Saturday the 17th, the minimum will remain at 7º and the thermometer will rise to a maximum of 21º. And on Sunday the 18th, 8º minimum and 22º maximum.

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