Goodbye to stains: this is what you have to put in the washing machine to remove them

Our house is our safe space: the place where we can be comfortable, rest and carry out the activities that we like most. But it is also a responsibility that we have to take charge every day by carrying out the tasks of cleaning, paying bills and performing necessary maintenance.

Laundry is one of those tasks that are done inside the house and that allows us to carry clothes clean and create a cared for and pleasant environment within our home. Sometimes, stains on clothing can be difficult for us, challenging our patience and cleaning skills. Faced with this daily challenge, ammonia emerges as a reliable ally to combat those stubborn stains and return our clothes to their impeccable appearance.

Ammonia in the washing machine

Using ammonia in the washing machine It is not a new practice, but its effectiveness in removing various stains and sanitizing the appliance itself is indisputable. From the most common to the most difficult, this chemical compound has earned its place in the arsenal of cleaning products in numerous homes and with good reason.

Ammonia is known for its ability to tackle a wide range of stains: From blood stains to sweat stains, egg, mustard and urine stains, this powerful cleaning agent has earned a reputation for its effectiveness in removal of difficult stains; Whether you’re dealing with a kitchen accident or a coffee stain on your favorite shirt, ammonia is ready to go and restore the freshness of your clothes.

When we cannot remove a stain by traditional methods This is when we can bring out the big guns of ammonia: old and difficult stains, such as the yellowing collar of a shirt or the oil stains embedded in work pants, can be combated with determination and an ammonia solution. Correctly applied and with a little patience, this mixture can remove even the most stubborn stains, returning your clothes to their original appearance.

Clean the washing machine with ammonia

But ammonia isn’t just effective at removing stains; it is also an excellent disinfectant for your washing machine. Cleaning your washing machine with ammonia can help eliminate unpleasant odors and disinfect surfaces, ensuring your clothes come out clean and fresh with each wash cycle. With the right solution and a suitable wash program, you can keep your washing machine in optimal condition and ensure effective cleaning with every load of laundry.

However, It is important to remember that ammonia should be used with caution. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take necessary safety measures when handling this chemical. Mixing ammonia with bleach or other cleaning products should be avoided at all costs, as this can generate toxic gases that are dangerous to health. Besides, It is always advisable to first perform a compatibility test. on a small area of ​​the garment before applying ammonia later to the rest of the fabric.

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