Jordi Évole suffers a cataplexy attack in the middle of the street because of a “Franco boy”

This Sunday LaSexta broadcast a new installment ofAbout Évole, which featured Henar Álvarez as a guest. Throughout the program, which brought together more than a million viewers, the comedian chatted with the journalist about issues related to feminism. But also, while they were walking through Madrid, They encountered a surreal scene that made them both laugh.

“Long live Franco!” someone exclaimed on the street to the surprise of Évole and Álvarez. “Long live Franco? But what is happening?”, the presenter reacted, while his guest also did not hide her disbelief at what had just happened: “How are we?” The most striking thing was that the spontaneous one was about 10 years old, as Évole pointed out.

“Long live Franco!” the boy shouted again shortly after. This caused him to have a cataplexy attack. disorder that causes you to suffer sudden muscle weakness when you laugh. “Holy bitch! I shouldn’t be amused!” he commented while Henar held him. “Man, but it’s funny, really. Things as they are,” she responded.

“I don’t believe it. But how is it possible?” Jordi asked himself as he recovered: “In the Madrid of Ayuso You’re not going to find your ex on the street, but a child shouting ‘long live Franco’…”. “What a son of a bitch, he made you laugh before me,” the comedian joked: “The fucking Franco boy beat me.”

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