Marlaska does not consider resigning and warns the drug trafficker: “The murders will not go unpunished”

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaskaassured this Monday that he is not considering resigning, as several associations of civil guards demand after the murder of two agents in Barbate (Cádiz)and has made it clear to drug traffickers that these crimes “will not go unpunished.”

In statements to journalists before presiding over the presentation of medals for Civil Protection Merit, Marlaska has insisted on the measures taken since his arrival at the Interior to reinforce the fight against drug trafficking with human and material means and has stated that “everything necessary and necessary will continue to be invested”.

Asked for the moment lived in the burning chapel of the civil guard David Pérez installed in the Pamplona commandwhen his widow rejected the medal that was going to be awarded to him, the minister avoided making any comments and showed his respect for the feelings of the victims.

“They have the absolute right and others We can only respect it and continue working against drug traffickingagainst organized crime and to prevent events like those that occurred on Friday afternoon from being repeated again,” he stated.

After reiterating his condolences and solidarity to the victims of Barbate and to their relatives He has insisted that the murders will not go unpunished: “The drug trafficker knows it; and the drug trafficker knows that for five and a half years he has been cornered in the Campo de Gibraltar and along the entire Spanish coast.”

Proof of this, he continued, is that on the same Friday night the alleged perpetrators of the events were arrested and will be brought to justice.

Marlaska has emphasized that The current situation “has nothing to do with the absence of investment, with the absence of means” of the PP government stage and recalled that on the same Friday he had presented in Algeciras the fourth special security plan for Campo de Gibraltar, which continues with the reinforcement of personal and material resources in 2024 and 2025.

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