José Antonio León, upset with ‘Let’s see’ for a question to Mayte Zaldívar: “So how are they going to respect us?”

This Wednesday, José Antonio León launched a public complaint about what was broadcast by ‘Let’s see’. At a time when he is concerned about Julián Muñoz’s health, the morning program Telecinco He asked Mayte Zaldívar about the words that the journalist made in the last installment of ‘De Viernes’

What worries Julián today is that he is a de facto partner of Isabel Pantoja. “In case what we don’t want to happen happens, if Isabel Pantoja has a widow’s pension,” León said in the video that ‘Vamos a ver’ recovered. It should be noted that the communicator did not affirm that the tonadillera and the businessman were. , but simply raised the question of whether these documents were valid.

“José Antonio León is a crack,” answered Mayte, who chose to remain silent when asked by the ‘Let’s see’ reporter who insisted: “Is what he says true?” “There are so many things…”, responded the former participants of ‘Survivors’.

Subsequently, José Antonio León published a tweet on his official Twitter account (now known as I said that Julián and Pantoja were a de facto couple. Five days have passed from Friday to today and you haven’t even seen what I said. So how are they going to respect us? I said they weren’t a de facto couple. No!“.

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