José Gabriel Ruiz and Lisa Esquivel triumph in the Trinitarios CP

He Cordoban Circuit popular racing athletics started in the city of Córdoba with the CP dispute Trinitarians Adolfo Rivera Memorial. More than 500 athletes from Córdoba registered for a classic event in the province’s sports calendar.

The victory in the men’s category was achieved by José Gabriel Ruiz (Cordoban Athletics) with a time of 29.16 minutes, followed by Raúl Parrado (Atletismo Cordobés, 29.25) and Rafael Martínez (The Last Running, 29.26).

The victory in women went to Lisa Esquivel (sawwalker36.44), with Mariló Franco (37.06, India) in second place and Carmen Almagro (Runners Pura Cepa, 37.38) in third.

The next races

The next races of the Cordoban Circuit They will arrive on February 28 (Córdoba, CP Día de Andalucía), March 2 (Solidaria Villafranca de Córdoba) and March 17 (Espiel-Belmez Half Marathon).

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