Junts avoids revealing whether the PP offered a pardon to Puigdemont and warns that it has a “free hand” to agree

Junts per Catalunya has decided for the moment not to delve into internal contradictions of the PP on the amnesty or pardons for the independence movement. The party of ‘former president’ Carles Puigdemont has chosen to keep its cards close to its chest regarding the content of the conversations held with the Popular Party after the general elections. “We have already said what we had to say so far on these issues. If we have to add something else, we will add it”, the spokesperson for the formation, Josep Rius, stated briefly, asked and cross-examined about it.

In any case, Junts has benefited from the internal controversy in the PP to insist on a message that Puigdemont reiterates: “We are not part of any Spanish political bloc, we are not part of any of the two large blocs, we only owe each other to our voters and citizens of Catalonia”, Rius proclaimed. An obvious way of trying to distance themselves from the PSOE despite having facilitated the investiture of the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez.

“We do not function based on external pressures,” argued the party spokesperson. “Junts has its own agenda in Madrid, very clear and we will apply it no matter who falls“, Rius insisted. Asked if Puigdemont was talking about the Junts-PP meetings when stating “everything will be known”, the spokesperson remained silent. Also when asked if the PP’s change of position has anything to do with with Puigdemont’s recent letter: “You have to ask them.” Rius has denied that there is a pact of silence with the popular ones.

The amnesty negotiation

Junts has moved the focus of the controversy to the negotiation of the amnesty law, to which Puigdemont’s party wants to introduce new changes. “What is happening reaffirms for us the need to negotiate a law that meets two objectives: that it is comprehensive, that it covers all of the affected people, and that it is immediately applicable.” Junts assures that there is room to negotiate with the PSOE.

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