Leipzig, ‘Kilometer 0’ of Real Madrid’s path to the ‘Fifteenth’ Champions League

Real Madrid is in Germany, a friendly and almost liturgical trench for the whites, who They consider it a ritual to cross paths with some German team on the way to the Champions League title. In the Thirteenth they faced Bayern in the semifinals and Borussia Dortmund in the group, in the Twelfth they repeated with Bayern in the quarterfinals and Dortmund in the group, in the Eleventh Wolfsburg were rivals in the quarterfinals, and in the Tenth, before After beating Atlético in Lisbon, they left Schalke in the second round, Dortmund in the quarterfinals, and Bayern in the semifinals. So in four of the last five Champions that rest in the windows of the Bernabéu, except in the last one, he crossed paths with German adversaries. That is why this crossing against Leipzig is seen in the ‘White House’ as ‘kilometer 0’ of the road to the Fifteenth, with the final at Wembley on June 1.

It is also added that the Madridistas have usually achieved good results against the German teams. Bayern Münich, Borussia Dortmund, Wolfsburg, Schalke, Hamburg, Leipzig and recently Unión Berlin have bitten the dust against those at the Bernabéu. Madrid has accumulated 78 games against German rivals in Europe with 39 wins, 14 draws and 25 losses. Half of the matches ended with a Madrid victory and only one in three ended with a loss.

A republican Madrid in 1931

Leipzig, however, is a blot on the record. The whites have visited the city twice and both times fell by the same result (3-2). The first visit dates back to 1931. At that time the club was called Madrid FC, since months before the Republic had been declared. The whites carried out a pre-season tour of Central Europe, visiting countries such as Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Italy and Germany. The tour took them on August 30 to play a friendly in Leipzig against a team from the region, which was actually reinforced to try to defeat them. Madrid debuted a legendary defensive duo, with Ciriaco Errasti and Jacinto Quincoces, to which was added the debut of the incomparable Luis Regueiro, whom the technical secretary, Hernández Coronado, convinced to sign for the club. Trained by the Magyar Lippo Hertzka that afternoon, Madrid fielded an eleven that read like this: Ricardo Zamora; Ciriaco, Quincoces; Prats, Esparza and Leoncito; Eugenio, Bestit, Olivares, Luís Regueiro and Luís Olaso. Hilario replaced an injured Eugenio and The match ended with a controversial score (3-2) for Leipzig.

The report from the newspaper ‘El Sol’ revealed various irregularities, including the disproportionate size of the ball, which Hernández Coronado described as a “watermelon”: “The ball exceeded the regulatory measurements, the field was enormous and the referee showed obvious bias in favor of the locals.” According to the chronicles of the friendly, the referee allowed the local defenders all kinds of harshness, annulled a goal for the whites, sent off Bestit and awarded the winning goal to Nöckel by finishing off a ball after giving Zamora a rude push. Ninety-one years later, the real Madrid He repeated his visit to Leipzig, in the 2022 group stage, and the coin came out tails again for those of Ancelotti with identical result to the 31st, (3-2) with goals from Gvardiol, Nkunku, Werner, Vinicius and Rodrygo.

Tchouameni at Real Madrid – Girona. Kiko Huesca / EFE

Tchouameni and Nacho in the back and Joselu? above

Now the scenario is different. Madrid arrives at cruising speed despite the plague of injuries that plague the locker room, and especially the defense. Concerned as Carletto is about “Leipzig’s potential in transitions to the open field and set pieces”, everything suggests that he will line up Tchouameni at the back’s axis, whom he has “convinced” and not “forced”, along with Nacho. And he will block the bands with the metallic Carvajal and Mendy. The center of the field will be for the “energy” of Camavinga and Valverde and the “tempo” of Kroos, leaving another doubt at the top where Joselu could act as a battering ram to vent Vinicius and Rodrygo behind him, and help in the aerial game. In addition, he has a past in German football. Madrid is comfortable in Leipzig, where it will try to avenge the defeats of the 31st and 2022. Carletto’s men have not been upset by being forced, due to a strike at the airport, to travel 200 kilometers on a bus into which a crashed amateur. Everything flows.

Probable lineups

Leipzig: Henrichs, Klostermann, Orban, Raum; Seiwald, Schlager; Dani Olmo, Xavi Simons; Openda and Sesko.

Real Madrid: Lunin; Carvajal, Nacho, Tchouameni, Mendy; Valverde, Kroos, Camavinga; Rodrygo, Joselu and Vinicius.

Referee: Irfan Peljto (Bosnia).

Stadium: Red Bull Arena (9:00 p.m.).

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