María del Monte speaks for the first time after the arrest of Antonio Tejado: “It is not a good time”

In recent days, the arrest of Antonio Tejado for allegedly collaborating with a gang of thieves that was dedicated to robbing houses in Seville, including that of his aunt Maria del Monte. And as a result of this case, it was the singer who spoke out just a few moments ago.

It was at the door of her house and getting into her car when María spoke to the press, ensuring that “I don’t know more than you know” and remembering that when an arrest occurs “You have to believe in the presumption of innocence”. The interpreter has clarified that she knows nothing and that she is not aware of anything, while she has stressed that she trusts that justice will take care of everything.

When asked if she had the slightest suspicion, she responded that “I I’m not going to speak out and I’m certainly not the one to suspect anyone. Suspicions are not good and I do not suspect anyone until a judge says what he has to say.”

Regarding her state of mind, María points out that “If you want to know how I am, just put yourself in my place. I thank you for the respect that you have always had for us and that I trust that you will continue to have for us, but understand that It’s not a good time”.

After just two minutes with journalists, the singer concluded her statements with a message in favor of justice: “There is no other option but to trust in justice, what they say will be”.

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