MARIJUANA EVENTS CÓRDOBA | A fire reveals a marijuana plantation in an apartment in Córdoba

A fire has revealed, this Tuesday, a considerable marijuana plantation in a flat Cordova. What began as a regular intervention by the capital’s firefighters to extinguish a fire has ended with a police action to arrest two people, related to the illegal cultivation detected by chance, as confirmed by Diario CÓRDOBA after the information provided by Cordopolis.

The fire, according to the information provided by the agents, It occurred in an apartment in Lepanto. Service Emergencies 112 received the notice during the morning of this Tuesday and the coordinating center has mobilized members of the Fire Fighting and Rescue Service (SEIS), as well as the agents of the Local Police and the National Policewho have moved to the scene of the events, on Tejar de la Cruz street.

130 plants plants after the smoke

When the displaced troops arrived at the property, the fire was the least of it. The fire was almost extinguished and no injuries were reported, but when it was time to ventilate, they encountered an illegal cultivation of more than a hundred marijuana plants. Specifically, 130 have been found.

The Local Police agents, after making the corresponding arrests for the discovery, have put the case in the hands of the National Police, that will continue the proceedings.

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