PUENTE GENIL WORKS CONTRACTS | The Puente Genil City Council is putting out to tender three service and works contracts for 300,000 euros

He Town Hall of Genil Bridge tender for a total value of 300,000 euross three contracts for services and works of maintenance preventive and corrective plumbing, building cooling and heating systemsand those related to the installation, repair and maintenance of any type of element of glassware, goal or locksmithas well as the necessary supplies through framework agreements.

These types of agreements are legal tools that allow expediting the contracting of public entities, establishing in advance a set of conditions that serve as a guide for the contracts later. In this way, these agreements are especially useful in those sectors in which, due to their characteristics, it can be presumed that the same type of contract can be repeated several times in a short period of timealso promoting transparency, equality and the generation of opportunities for all in public procurement.

Execution of works

This contract will allow the performance of glasswork and locksmith work for maintenance, repair and security in an efficient and timely manner, thus ensuring the safety and functionality of municipal offices. Additionally, this contract will also allow for emergency work and unplanned repairs, which is essential to maintain daily operations without interruption.

Preventive Maintenance

The need that this type of agreement satisfies is to guarantee the correct operation, safety, energy efficiency and compliance with theto current regulations on thermal installations in buildings. In addition, adequate preventive and corrective maintenance can prevent breakdowns, prolong the useful life of equipment, reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and improve the thermal comfort of users.

Plumbing corrective

In this case, the objective is to guarantee the supply of drinking waterthe sanitation of wastewater and the prevention of health and environmental risks related to the plumbing network in buildings and public facilities.

In the three cases, the duration of the framework agreement would be extended for one year, extendable to two in the case of the framework agreement for preventive and corrective plumbing maintenance services and works; and three in the case of the other two framework agreements.

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